Patch Notes

Last Epoch Patch 1.0.5 Notes

Posted By EHG_Wick on March 26, 2024 (Source)

Hello Travelers,

In today’s Patch, we are fixing a list of things for you!


  • Improvements have been made to Monolith visuals and performance along with several bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where some channeled movement skills such as Rampage could end abruptly in the Alpine Halls monolith echo
    • Fixed issues with trees obscuring your view in the Hidden Oasis monolith echo
  • Added a fix that will warn players when files must be verified.

  • Fixed Loot filter toggle “X” sensitivity

  • Fixed bugs where the following skills’ damage areas were not scaling with area modifiers from their trees or from items

    • Abyssal Echoes
    • Dancing Strikes (not all parts of the combo were affected by this bug)
    • Erasing Strike (just the initial hit, not the void rifts)
    • Forge Strike
    • Healing Hands
    • Necrotic Mortar (from Summoned Skeletal Mages)
    • Reap (from Reaper Form)
  • Fixed Passive and Skill Tree localization issues

  • Updated visuals for Announcement banners

  • Updated Unique Reward icon in Monoliths from Ring to a generic icon

  • Added missing name to Graveyard

Bug Fixes

Skills & Passives

  • Fixed a bug where the player’s Falcon could fail to be unsummoned after the player has died
  • Fixed a bug where Warpath would cause players to become stuck in place and unable to move
  • Fixed a bug where Drain Life with Blood Pact and Ghostflame with Arteries of Malice would stop channeling when at very low current health
  • Fixed a bug where Healing Hands was still scaling with cast speed instead of melee attack speed when Seraph Blade was allocated
  • Fixed a bug where Gathering Storm was still scaling with melee attack speed instead of cast speed when wielding a staff and Lagonian Diplomacy was allocated
  • Fixed a bug where Thunder Tempests from Tempest Strike’s Cloudburst Conduit could not hit enemies
  • Fixed a bug where Added Spell Damage Affix with Tempest Strike did not work
  • The grace period for your minions now ends when your own grace period ends
  • Fixed a bug where attempts to cast minion-targeted abilities like Dread Shade on minions that were in grace period would always fail
  • Fixed a bug where stationary minions would never leave grace period, resulting in them never attacking


  • Fixed a bug where items sold in Online mode were displaying original price in the “Buy Back” tab
  • Fixed a bug preventing Defensive Conversions from displaying in the character sheet online


  • Fixed a bug where Soul Embers would persist after the dungeon was completed
  • Fixed a bug causing Void Despair to be invisible
  • Fixed an error when leaving Offline mode
  • Fixed a bug where, players spawning into a new location would reveal part of the map too soon.