Weaver’s Will | Coming in Rising Flames

Posted By EHG_Kain on May 19, 2023 (Source)

Hello Travelers and Happy Friday!

If you happened to read yesterday’s post, you may have caught today’s topic at the end, “Weaver’s Will”. Like any good cliff-hanger, we’ll be continuing that conversation in today’s episode of Pre-patch Blog Post Hype Week!

Weaver’s Will

Weaver’s Will is a new Unique item type arriving in Beta Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames. These items expand the roster of item rarities, entering the fray with Unique and Legendary items, by being both!

Similar to Unique Items, all Weaver’s Will items will have a fixed list of effects which will be unique to that specific named item. Where they differ from normal Uniques, is that these items do not roll Legendary Potential, but instead roll a Weaver’s Will value. These items will always drop with Weaver’s Will, and have a roll range of 5 to 28.

Instead of crafting on these items, these items will level alongside you as you play. As you kill enemies in Eterra with one or more of these items equipped, the Weaver will rebuild the item, consuming a point of will to add an affix to the item. The item can rebuild a total of four different affixes, at which point it starts upgrading the tiers of the existing rebuilt affixes (it could also increase the tier of an affix before acquiring all four affixes). These items can even be rebuilt all the way into exalted tiers of affixes including up to T7.

The Weaver, though, is a bit more discerning in their taste for items, meaning normally “rarer” affixes, such as +skill level, will be far more common to be rebuilt for slots such as relics.

New Uniques

Rising Flames will also arrive with several new Uniques to continue expanding on potential build opportunities. While this post is primarily dedicated to the new Weaver’s Will Unique item type coming in 0.9.1, we also want to share an example of one of the new Uniques coming in Rising Flames.

(The previous graphic of the unique shown here was an early development version. We’ve updated the graphic with the latest version going into the 0.9.1 patch)

With a whole new way to reach Legendary items in Last Epoch, as well as the ever-expanding roster of Unique items coming in this patch, we’re excited to see what kind of builds everyone comes up with!

We’ll be back again tomorrow with a look at some of the new awesome enemies and models coming in Beta Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames.