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2-Handed Axe Fire Judgment Paladin Build Guide

Posted by Venno on February 19, 2024
Last updated on February 19, 2024



This build is for beginners because it's very easy to play and to build. It doesn't need any unique item to work.

It has a lot of defenses:

  • Capped at all Elemental resistances (75%+ to all res)
  • 75%+ Armor
  • 250+ health regen per second
  • Endurance 60%+ and endurance threshold 500+
  • Elemental, void and poison damage taken as physical
  • Armor mitigates damage over time

As you can see, we have some good layers of defenses that make this build very tanky and can face tank a lot.

For Damage:

  • We ignite enemies with every hit, stacking up
  • We deal more Damage to ignited enemies
  • We deal more damage per mana consumed
  • As we deal damage we also sustain our life with heal and leech

The damage is not as high as other builds, but it's good enough to kill everything, just a little bit slower.

Pros & Cons


Tanky build

No uniques mandatory

Easy to build

League starter



Slow clearing

No unique gear for this build

Gameplay / Mechanics

We use Warpath to fast clear and kill weak targets.

Once we are out of mana, we use Rive to sustain health get our mana back. also we use Rive because we instantly kill monsters with 15% life or less, thanks to Coup de Grace 1/1.

Our Holy Aura is a passive that gives us health regen, endurance, elemental resistances, fire damage, fire penetration and attack speed. Once we use this, the effect of the buff is doubled, so we use it when we are battling a stronger target.

The main skill for damage agaisnt strong targets and bosses is Judgement. We can use this only 2 times in a row, because it consumes all of our mana. Judgment scales with melee damage, fire damage, attunement and we made it scale with mana consumed. So when it consumes more mana, it deals more damage. That is why we made it consume all of our mana.

And also we took Crushing Blows 6/6 for even more damage. So after we run out of mana we attack with Rive to get our mana back up, because we took Time and Faith 5/5 to get health and mana on hit with this skill.

The las skill we use is a movement skill - Lunge. We use it to move faster on the map and also get our of dangerous situations. We also use it when we get on low health, because we took this skill point Dawn Charge 5/5 to heal us on use.



Stat Priorities


The equipment is very basic. We only use Exalted Items.

On the items we are looking for the following affixes:

  • Damage: Increased Fire Damage, Melee Fire Damage, Melee Attack Speed, Fire Damage, Strength, Chance to Ignite on Hit, Fire Penetration, Level to the skills we use.
  • Defences: Health, Health Regen per Second, Health Regeneration, Vitality, Resistences, Void taken as physical, Poison taken as Physical
  • Experimental: PrefixExperimental Armour applies to Damage over Time - This a very good way to mitigate damage over time.


The idols we use are mainly deffensive. We use idols that help us take elemental damage as physical damage. This way we split the damage and the armor mitigates more damage.

The next things we look for is Fire Penetration and also Armor and Health.

We use 2 unique idols but they are not mandatory:

  • Singularity - It gives are more damage, but we cannot critical strike. We are not playing a critical strike build so the downside doesn't affect us.
  • Throne of Ambition - gives us more damage and some defences as we build more stacks.


Blessings are very important for the build.We use them to boost our defences and sustain.

We take the following blessings:

The rest of the blessings can be changed, depending on what items you want to farm.

Ending the Storm
Reign of Dragons
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire
The Last Ruin

Build Variants


Leveling is very easy with this build.

At the begining start taking damage nodes and gear with a lot of melee fire damage and attack speed.

As you progress in to the campaign, you need to get more resistences.

Use Warpath to clear the maps fast and Rive to leech and get your mana back.

To move faster we use Lunge.


This build is good at farming Monoliths. You can do 200+ corruption easily.

You can face tank almost every Monolith Boss at 200 corruption, but you still have to dodge some of the skills.

Choose your monolith and push it as far as you can.

Loot Filter

This is the Loof Filter that i use.


For any questions, you can contact me in the game.



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