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Allie - Fred! Cold Archmage Skeleton Mage Necromancer Build Guide

Posted by Allie on February 11, 2024
Last updated on February 25, 2024



Welcome to Allie's guide on Fred! Fred is the name I give the singular Skeleton Mage we will be summoning and basing this whole build around! This will be a Low APM minion playstyle that is great if you have bad wrists like I do. It is meant to be a great Monolith Farmer and a decent Dungeon Runner. With good gear this can push to about 400-500 Corruption before it starts struggling but, with how easy the setup is to put together with no required Uniques to get it going, it will be a great build to play for 1.0 Launch!

A great thing about this build is that the 3 main items required to really push the build, Exsanguinous, Last Steps of the Living, and Lich's Scorn all come from the same Monolith. Blood, Frost, and Death is accessible very early on and fighting the boss is an absolute breeze making getting these 3 items very easy. You DON'T need these to play the build but, they make you substantially tankier and, in Lich's Scorn's case, is where your Endgame scaling will come from.


If you have any questions, I stream every day on Twitch and would be more than happy to help you out! - https://www.twitch.tv/Allliee_

This build also has a corresponding Video Guide! I come from PoE and am known for my very very in-depth Build Guides.

I'd highy recommend checking it out and, if you can't make a Twitch stream, leave a comment on the Video Guide and ill help as soon as I can!


The goal of this build is to buff Skeleton Mage with buffs such as Dread Shade, Infernal Shade, and Summon Skeletal Mage's own Archmage. We will also be utilizing points such as Dread Shade's All For One, Egoism, & Lone Watcher to further synergyse with the 1 minion playstyle while using Infernal Shade for Burn Trail & Manic Pyre to supercharge Fred to an extreme degree. The nice thing about this setup is, due to how broken River of Bones 5/5 is for allowing our minions to Leech 20% of their Crits which we always Crit due to Egoism, that the burn from Infernal Shade can be completly ignored if Fred has something to hit. Lastly, since we will be taking Cryomancers, we can then utilize Lich's Scorn to give Fred upwards of 100%+ Cold Penetration by scaling our Intelligence giving us a easy way to further pump Fred's damage while utilizing Uniques such as Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living to use all of the Ward Retention the Int gives us to scale our Ward upwards to 7-8k+ at high gear levels.

Fred is a very fun and casual playstyle that requires minimum input outside of reaplying Dread Shade every ~30 seconds or so and then just running along. Once you get your hand on PrefixExperimental Minions Transported with Traversal Skills, this build becomes incredibly fast as you don't have to wait for Fred to constantly catch back up to you giving you a very fast Monolith Farmer!

Pros & Cons


Extremely Easy Low APM Playstyle

Simple Scaling Through Int Stacking

No Hard To Farm Uniques Required


Not Super Tanky Until Low-Life Swap

Struggles With T4 Julra Due to Minion AI

Medium Speed Clear w/ No Experimental Boot Mod

Gameplay / Mechanics

This build is very simple to play! Our whole playstyle will revolve around buffing our 1 ArchmageSkeleton Mage with buffs such as Dread Shade's All For One, Egoism, and Blind Fury which with Lone Watcher will have over 100% Uptime only requiring you to reuse the skill every ~30 seconds or so.

Optionally, while during Monoliths, you can use Infernal Shade which give Fred an insane amount of Movement Speed & Cast Speed through Infernal Shade's Burn Trail & Manic Pyre. Due to us taking Soulfire to keep Manic Pyre's ramped up Cast Speed permanently, that does mean eventually Fred will die. This only really happens after over +1 minute of Infernal Shade being active on him and it only happens if there are no mobs for him to Leech off of with River of Bones 5/5. In a typical Monolith, you might have to resummon him 1-2 times due to him dying to Infernal Shade but, this isint too big of a deal.

Outside of Fred, we will also be using support Summon Volatile Zombie which will give us healing through Necromantic Fervor & Vital Ward once we swap to Low Life. These Zombies will also be providing us Marked for Death & Kill Threshold giving them utility on bosses too!



Stat Priorities


The bases that are linked here are the ideal bases to use Endgame. Until you can get proper Exalted items on the correct bases, don't worry too much about it. You will need to heavily focus on getting resistances and, once you swap to Low Life, you will have a harder time fitting everything due to both Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living both having no resistances on it.

As for the other uniques, Chronostasis and Death Rattle, they are both optional uniques that push your build further. Both are not required at all and can be obtained at a later point. Chronostasis can be replaced by any 1H weapon with SuffixMinion Spell and Bow Damage on it as that is the only useful minion roll. Lastly, id highly recommend farming for Lich's Scorn as soon as you get to Endgame as this would also farm you the Low Life items you need.


While leveling, the provided filter will do the majority of the work for you. The filter is designed to have all of the items you need to level as Spirit Plague until ~Level 45 where you can unlock Dread Shade and swap over to Summon Skeletal Mage. If you want a guide on leveling and how to swap from Spirit Plague to Summon Skeletal Mage, id really recommend to check out the Video Guide!

Swapping to Low Life

Until you get BOTH Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living, you CANNOT play Low Life, you WILL just die. I recommend farming for both immideatly as farming Last Steps of the Living also allows you to farm for Exsanguinous due to Blood, Frost, and Death giving you the guaranteed Body Armor nodes AND the boss that drops Last Steps of the Living also drops Lich's Scorn. You can farm all 3 major items for this build in the same region at the same time! Once you have the Boots and Body Armour, you can put both on, pick up all of the Int and Ward Retention nodes on the Passive Tree and swap over. Until you have both Low Life items, use a Body Armour and Boots that give any Resistances and Health you might need. Just keep in mind you will lose those once you swap!


Use your Idol slots to fill in any Elemental Resistances you might be missing. Eventually, you will want to run 3 Huge Immortal Idol for the PrefixHealth and SuffixWard Retention they provide.

Fill in the remaining slots where Huge Immortal Idol cant fit with Stout Lagonian Idol


None of these blessings are required but are nice to haves. Grand Survival of Might will make it substantually easier to hit 100% Critical Strike Avoidance and id recommend to farm for asap while Grand Resolve of Grael will greatly help with your issues of fitting in enough resistances.

You can also choose to fit in other blessings such as Grand Bastion of Divinity in place of Grand Resonance of the Sea to help with Lightning Res and Grand Heart of the Caldera in place of Grand Spirit of Command for fire.

Lastly, if you are really struggling, instead of using Grand Survival of Might, use Grand Resolve of Humanity to help with resistances. For the other blessing slots, tailor them to whatever you are looking to farm to help you target specific Idols or Exalted bases. Grand Strength of Mind is always a good option to allow you to level to Level 100 faster!

The Black Sun


Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


Adding a leveling section here is a bit rough due to me needing to explain the passive tree and all of the swaps we will be making.

I'd highly recommend checking out the linked Video Guide for a breakdown on how to level this!

There is a build variant above this section that gives a quick TLDR on how to level all the way to Level 45.

From Levels 1-16 we will be using a combination of Wandering Spirits and Hungering Souls until we unlock Spirit Plague. With Spirit Plague, we will continue to play it until ~Level 45 where we have enough Passive Points to be able to unlock Dread Shade at which point we will fully swap over to Summon Skeletal Mage.


The Endgame for this build is looking for LP versions of Exsanguinous, Last Steps of the Living, Death Rattle, and Chronostasis. Getting PrefixExperimental Minions Transported with Traversal Skills on your Last Steps of the Living will be a big first goal as that mod will make your clearspeed spike through the roof. Otherwise, focus on stacking as much Intelligence as possible, with 110+ Int being reachable with good rolls on your gear.

Eventually, you can also consider swapping your gloves to Julra's Obsession and getting a PrefixCast Speed LP onto them. This would give Fred a big damage boost but, losing PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health is a big loss in health. If you have a pair of gloves with T7 Experimental Ward, you would go down from ~12k Ward to ~7-8k which in my opinion is probably not worth it.

Loot Filter

Loot fitler can be found in the link below!

This filter is designed to show you leveling gear for Spirit Plague for Levels 1-45 and then gear for Summon Skeletal Mage for 45+.

This filter is also good as a general Endgame Monolith filter for this build.

Filter Link - https://www.lastepochtools.com/loot-filters/view/5BxXvZBv

To import it into LE:

  1. Go to the Link
  2. Click Export at the top & click Copy to Clipboard
  3. In-Game: Go to Settings - Gameplay - Manage Loot Filters
  4. Click the Green Plus at the top
  5. Paste Clipboard Contents


IMPORTANT: This guide was meant to be made for 1.0 Release and utilizes Warlock passives for leveling. These wount be avaliable until Feb 21 unfortunately so, if you are looking to play this pre 1.0, instead of picking up Soul Stealer 5/8 and Chaos Flames 6/8, pick up additional points on Dance with Death 8/8, Desolation 8/8 & Lasting Stench 8/8 on the Lich Tree. After 1.0 Release this wount be relevant but its just a workaround to play/level the build for now.



  • Fixed Passive Tree
  • 1.0 Patch Changes
  • 1.0 Update
  • 1.0 Update
  • Added Pre 1.0 FAQ & Formatting
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