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Allie's Void Knight Devouring Orb Autobomber Build Guide

Posted by Allie on February 15, 2024
Last updated on March 9, 2024



POST 1.0 UPDATE - Healing Hands is broken with Divine Barrier 1/1 making us Immortal. Make sure you swap to a Solar Commandment & get PrefixIncreased Healing Effectiveness on your Rings as well as PrefixLevel of Healing Hands on your Helmet. PrefixLevel of Sigils Of Hope on your Relic is really good too due to us now wanting Invigorate 5/5. With this setup, this build will have a permanent 10k+ Ward. Video Explination Here - https://youtu.be/FapBecl5kus

Welcome to Allie's guide on Void Knight Autobomber! This is an incredible Season 1 starting build that requires NO Uniques to work making it very easy to start playing and get into blasting Monoliths easily! It will be a very strong Monolith Farmer due to its very low Healing Hands w/ Rahyeh's Chariot 1/1 cooldown, Movement Speed from Dread 15/15, and Haste from PrefixExperimental Haste Effect. Not only that but, due to Void Corruption 1/1, scaling this build is easy to do and with its high Armour, Leech, and high Health due to Vitality, we will have no issues living.

A great thing about this build is that due to the Num Lock trick (which will be discussed in the Gameplay section) this also ends up being a very low APM build where all you ever need to do is press Smite on Bosses and Healing Hands w/ Rahyeh's Chariot 1/1 to your hearts content!

If you have any questions, I stream every day on Twitch and would be more than happy to help you out! - https://www.twitch.tv/Allliee_

This build also has a corresponding Video Guide! I come from PoE and am known for my very very in-depth Build Guides.

I'd highy recommend checking it out and, if you can't make a Twitch stream, leave a comment on the Video Guide and ill help as soon as I can!

The goal of this build is to utilize Devouring Orb to do all the heavy lifting for us on clearing. With nodes like Dark Moon 1/1 and Abyssal Emission 1/1 making it so the Devouring Orb will always be with us and auto seek enemies while we move forward! When combined with Anomaly and its insane CDR due to Swiftrest 3/3 and SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed on both Boots and Belt, we will always have multiple Orbs rotating around us and spawning seeking orbs.

This gives us a very fun and casual playstyle where all we need to do is conctantly move forward while having great recovery and ocasionally Smite. This build can also be made insanely strong when combined with Uniques such as Mad Alchemist's Ladle and Ravenous Void making it tankier, and making it deal even more damage!

Pros & Cons


NO Uniques Required - Extremely SSF/Cycle Start Friendly

VERY Fast Monolith Farmer

Extremely Tanky w/ Armour, 14% Base Leech, Vitality Stacking, 4K+ Ward from Healing Hands


High APM if you DONT Num Lock trick

Lunge - Target only Traversal Skill

Endgame Uniques are VERY Rare

Gameplay / Mechanics

This build is very simple to play! This build will revolve around constantly casting more Devouring Orbs to orbit arounds us due to Dark Moon 1/1 which will spawn Seeking Orbs with Abyssal Emission 1/1. These Orbs will go out and kill any far away enemies while the collision damage of Cosmic Impact 1/1 will kill anything near you. When we pair this with Anomaly to give us 30% CDR through Swiftrest 3/3 & insane Leech due to Void Maw 4/4, we will have a comfortable time having 3-4 orbs at all times. The nice thing is that both of these skills can be automated using the Num Lock trick (more on that below) so you never need to actually cast either of the skills yourself!

Optionally, you can press Smite to do more single target damage as Devouring Orb will struggle to have high single target damage which Smite completly makes up for! With nodes like Sacrifice 5/5, Deep Impact 4/4, and points on the Void Knight tree such as Temporal Corruption 6/6 and Renouncement 1/5, we can make Smite scale off of Vitality just like Devouring Orb while giving it massive multipliers!

On top of all of this, we will also be using Sigils Of Hope for a free boost in damage. With Last Wish 1/1, we shouldn't need to worry about it while doing Monoliths making it a passive buff. With them lasting 15 seconds normally, on Bosses it shouldnt be too bad to reapply them every few seconds.

We also now have Healing Hands as our new Mobility Skill due to Rahyeh's Chariot 1/1! This is an AMAZING skill for this build due to us not needing to rely on Lunge & the clunkiness of needing to have a target. Healing Hands also kinda just... breaks this build. Sentinel typically struggles in Endgame due to not being as tanky as other classes. Divine Barrier 1/1 kinda fixes that. With Hand of Aurelus 4/4 we can cast a Healing Hands every time we Smite. With PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health, we TECHNICALLY count as a Low Life build, allowing us to gain ~1000 Ward every time we Smite making us very very tanky. When combined with Guardian's Chant 3/3 which then takes 30% of the 1000 and gives us ~300 Ward per second, we should be able to hold ~5-6k Ward easily. This will make the build extremely tanky with no downsides. PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health isint even a big downside as we have so much Leech int he build that we will ignore the degen completly.

PLEASE NOTE - For PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health you want a TIER 1 roll. You want this to be as BAD as possible as we only need the mod but DO NOT want it to be higher than 4% as it will just drain us harder for no reason.

Num Lock Trick

If you want a visual example of how to set this up & how it works, I recommend to watch the section on it in the Video Guide!

The nice thing about this build because we want to use Devouring Orb & Anomaly on Cooldown every time they come up, we can automate it with Num Locking them! Now you NEED a Keypad on your Keyboard to make this work. If you don't have one you can probably find a way through your Keyboard's Software to setup a key to function as a Num Lock but I will not be covering that here.

The way this will work is simple, we want to go into our Keybinds in-game and to setup a secondary bind on the 2 keys that you will have Devouring Orb & Anomaly on. You want to turn your Num Lock on and to set the secondary binds to 2 numpad keybinds. In my case I set Ability 4 & 5 to also work as Numpad 8 and 9. Once this is setup, you will then put both Devouring Orb & Anomaly on those 2 buttons on your bar. You will then turn on Num Lock on your Keyboard, hold down the 2 Num Pad keybinds you setup for those 2 skills and, WHILE STILL HOLDING THE 2 KEYS DOWN, press Num Lock again to turn it off. If done correctly, your 2 abilities will be held down and the game will auto cast it.

The nice thing is that, this will keep going and not break no matter what, even if you are in town, as long as you dont Tab out. As soon as you do Tab out, it will break and you will need to do it again in the same way.



Stat Priorities


The bases that are linked here are the ideal bases to use Endgame. Until you can get proper Exalted items on the correct bases, don't worry too much about it. The beauty of this build is that, there are a lot of Prefixes we can get on most gear while Suffixes being pretty open too.

One of the biggest upgrades you can make for this build is PrefixExperimental Haste Effect. This mod is busted. If you can get a pair of boots with PrefixMovement Speed, PrefixExperimental Haste Effect & SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed you win the game. These boots will give you sooooo much Movement Speed that the build will feel like a whole new build. With Healing Hands w/ Rahyeh's Chariot 1/1 having such a low cooldown, you can keep the Haste buff up with amazing uptime giving you very fast clear.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to HEAVILY prioritize SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed on your Belt & Boots. CDR is important to getting Devouring Orb to a ~2 Second Cooldown which makes this build have substantually better clear the closer you get to 2 seconds. Once you also stack large amounts of PrefixCast Speed, your Devouring Orb animation time will be very short making the overall build feel great to play.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: With the addition of Healing Hands & Divine Barrier 1/1 getting PrefixIncreased Healing Effectiveness on your Rings is the single biggest upgrade you can make for this build for tankiness. PrefixLevel of Sigils Of Hope on your Relic is really big too due to the fact that you can pick up additional levels in Invigorate 5/5 giving you more PrefixIncreased Healing Effectiveness. To get this to work you NEED PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health as you need this mod for Divine Barrier 1/1 to do anything. You can use Last Steps of the Living as a substitute until you get it or, just not worry about the Ward gain until you find the glove mod.


A lot of the items used in this build will be able to roll both PrefixSpell Critical Strike Chance & PrefixCritical Strike Chance. If you ever get the chance to add a Prefix onto an item due to it having an open Prefix, always choose PrefixSpell Critical Strike Chance as the rolls will always be bigger. Try to fit PrefixVitality on every slot you can as each point not only gives Devouring Orb & Smite a very big DPS increase but it also gives you 1% Poison & Necro res per and additional SuffixHealth.

There are a lot of Prefixes that are good and the table below tries to list everything good. A mix of PrefixCast Speed, PrefixCritical Strike Chance & PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier is fine. Don't worry too much about which ones you get and if possible, prio PrefixCast Speed as its a major DPS increase for Smite and it reduces your Devouring Orb cast animation making the build feel smoother.

The single most important Prefix you can look for is PrefixLevel of Devouring Orb. This is a massive ugprade and even if you can find an Exalted helmet with +3 Levels on it and no other useful stats, its still an upgrade. Prioritize this mod at all costs.


Ideally, you want to fit as much SuffixHealth & SuffixArmour as you can everywhere. At first when you start Monoliths, you will need to heavily utilize Suffixes to fix your resistances. But, as you push further on and get resistances from other sources such as Grand Bastion of Divinity, and good bases such as Bone Amulet, while scaling your PrefixVitality which gives you 1% Poison & Necro Resistance per point, you will need less. Eventually, most of your Suffixes will be wasted on resistances. This means in a super endgame build, you will have plenty of space to add on other Suffixes such as SuffixChance to Shred Armour on Hit on gloves, SuffixArmour & SuffixArmour on most slots, & SuffixHealth everywhere.

MAKE SURE you get 1 source of SuffixChance to apply Frailty on Hit on either your Relic, Gloves, or Amulet. Due to it stacking to only 3 stacks and with us doing so many small hits, you will not need more than 1 roll to keep it up. Frailty is a very very strong defencive layer and is very important to fit somewhere.


Ideally, you can also use Idols to fit any sort of gaps you need in your Resistances. Finding the exact Idols used in this guide will take time and you will most likely be using random ones for a while. Try to use these as much as you can for your res needs.


PrefixLevel of Healing Hands

PrefixLevel of Devouring Orb





Any Resistance you need

Ring 1

PrefixCritical Strike Chance

PrefixVoid Damage



Any Resistance you need


The table below shows all good idols for this build. These are very specific and will be hard to get. Until you can get your hands on 2 Ornate Solar Idol and 1 Large Rahyeh Idol, you will have a lot of open space. Use these idol slots to fill in any resistances you might need through Humble Eterran Idol & Stout Lagonian Idol. These can roll Resistances on the Suffixes and will help greatly in the Early Game.

Eventually, upgrading to 2 Ornate Solar Idol with SuffixChance To Shred Armor on Hit will give you a large DPS boost as due to the large amounts of small hits in this build, we can stack Shred Armour very quickly. Outside of that, try to prio PrefixVitality wherever you can on your Humble Eterran Idol and fill in any 1x1 slots with Small Lagonian Idol with PrefixArmour.

The Large Rahyeh Idol PrefixChance To Gain Inspiration On Kills With Void Skills is a very nice roll to get and will typically keep itself up during echoes. Inspiration will make your Devouring Orb cooldown be even lower allowing for faster Monolith Runs.


Blessings in this build will be very simple. Early on you will not have a good roll on Grand Survival of Might meaning you will most likely need 2 SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance rolls on your gear to hit 100% chance. Once you get a good roll you will be able to hit 100% with just 1 Exalted SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance & Grand Survival of Might.

I personally like the combo of Grand Bulwark of the Tundra & Grand Body of Obsidian as it is a very very large amount of SuffixArmour. You can also opt to swap Grand Body of Obsidian for Grand Curse of Sulphur and then not need a single SuffixChance to apply Frailty on Hit roll. I personally dont like that as Grand Body of Obsidian gives substantually more SuffixArmour than any Suffix roll could making it overall better to keep it and fix SuffixChance to apply Frailty on Hit on your gear.

Lastly, you have lots of options for the blessing in The Black Sun. They are all good and will all be fine but, if you want the most ideal one, you would want to pick Grand Winds of Oblivion or Grand Emptiness of Ash depending on how close you are to 100% Crit Chance.

Reign of Dragons
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


Leveling this build is incredily easy as we only need to get to Level 27 to unlock Devouring Orb & at Level 34 you unlock Renouncement 1/5 allowing you to stop using Hammer Throw & swap over to Smite fully unlocking the build.

If you want an in-depth explination of how to level this, id recommend watching the Video Guide!

Step by Step guide at the bottom

IMPORTANT: From Levels 1-27 we will be leveling with Hammer Throw. Hammer Throw does NOT benefit from any sort of melee bonuses, it is a throwing skill. Because of that, you don't care what weapon you use as long as it has a very high base Attack Speed. Even a Rowan Wand would be a fine item to level with due to the 1.02 APS. The higher the better, ideally find a Broken Sword or Poignard even if they have no stats on them.

The other VERY IMPORTANT thing is that Hammer Throw LOVES PrefixThrowing Damage & PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost. You want to make sure these are on all of your gear. The provided loot filter will have any item with those mods on them highlighted in PINK text between Levels 1-27. Make sure to pick them up and use them or use a Rune of Shattering to get them as Affix Shards to put on your gear.

I CANNOT overstate how important PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost is as the mana cost reduction will be massive especially early game. If you can find this Affix Shard or the roll on a Ring. DO NOT replace that ring until you can get the mod on your new ring.

Levels 1-34

To start our journey into Autobombing, we need to unlock both Devouring Orb & Renouncement 1/5 to convert Smite from PrefixAttunement scaling to PrefixVitality scaling. To get us there, we will be using Hammer Throw as its an incredibly strong skill early on with points like Iron Spiral 1/1 & Avatar of the Spire 1/1.

The Passive Tree for Hammer Throw can be found ABOVE this section in the Build Variant section.

Once we get Devouring Orb at ~Level 27, we will pick it up but not use it yet as it is awful with no Chaotic Torrent 4/4. We will specialize into it just so it gains experience. After your 10th passive point in it, you can start using it alongside Hammer Throw by using the Num Lock trick mentioned in the Gameplay section at the top. This will cause you to use Devouring Orb on cooldown which with a few Hammer Throw presses, should be more than enough to clear.

Level 34+

At Level 34 you will finally unlock Renouncement 1/5 which is whats needed to drop Hammer Throw for Smite. At this point, we Unspecialize out of Hammer Throw & specialize into Lunge. You are now playing the build properly and you just want to continue on to Anomaly and eventually Sigils Of Hope in Monoliths.

Step by Step Guide

  1. At Level 4 Specialize into Hammer Throw & use Lunge to get around. Follow the Passive Tree for it in the Build Variant section above this one.
  2. At ~Level 15 when you unlock Smite, Speciaize this slot into it to gain xp for it. You will NOT be using Smite until you get Renouncement 1/5 at ~Level 34 but, you want to pick it up now so its leveled.
  3. At Level 20 you will unlock your 3rd Specialization slot we dont need this for anything currently and are waiting for Devouring Orb.
  4. At ~Level 27, you will finally have enough Passive Points to unlock Devouring Orb. Use your 3rd Specialization slot to Specialize into it. Dont use Devouring Orb until you have 10 Passive Points into it and have Chaotic Torrent 4/4. Once you have 4 points into Chaotic Torrent 4/4, you can use the Num Lock trick to autocast it which is discussed in the Video Guide & in the Gameplay section. Keep using Hammer Throw and mix in casts of it between Devouring Orbs.
  5. At Level 34 you will finally have enough points to unlock Renouncement 1/5. De-Specialize out of Hammer Throw and Specialize into Healing Hands once you have 5 Passive Points into Paladin. You can choose to put 5 points into it early to unlock this or keep using Lunge until you unlock Healing Hands. Follow the Passive Tree in the Skill Section of the Build Guide. This will be your new Mobility Skill with Rahyeh's Chariot 1/1
  6. At ~Level 38 you will unlock Anomaly. Specialize into this with your 4th slot.
  7. Blast the rest of the Campaign with ease until Monoliths!


The Endgame for this build is to eventually farm a Omnividence or 2-3 LP Mad Alchemist's Ladle & Ravenous Void. These are both very very powerful but rare Uniques that will push this build to the next level. Since this build doesn't really need LP items, the rest of your time will be spent upgrading your Idols, and finding good Exalted items on the correct bases. Eventually a PrefixLevel of Devouring Orb Exalted Helmet will give you a very very large DPS boost and making a pair of PrefixExperimental Haste Effect boots with SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed & PrefixMovement Speed will be a good upgrade.

IMPORTANT - To become even tankier you want to focus on getting as much PrefixIncreased Healing Effectiveness as possible to abuse Divine Barrier 1/1.

You will also be looking to add as much PrefixVitality as you can to all of your gear. PrefixVitality is how you scale your Smite & Devouring Orb damage while it also giving you SuffixHealth. You can eventually reach 3.5k+ SuffixHealth and, with proper Min-Maxing of stats, have so many free Suffixes to fit SuffixArmour that you can hit 4k+ SuffixArmour.

The super Endgame will be getting Double Exalted items and Sealing Affixes, allowing you to make some truly monsterous items and potentially looking for 3-4 LP Uniques to combine with.

Omnividence vs Mad Alchemist's Ladle

With the addition of Mad Alchemist's Ladle even post nerf, going Omnividence isint the surefire play anymore. That is because Catalysts such as Crystal Skull & Osprix Skull exist which give you ~5% base Spell Crit allowing you to hit 100% easier. Because Mad Alchemist's Ladle is pretty strong on its own, it already rivals Omnividence by itself. Getitng 2-3 LP on a Mad Alchemist's Ladle isint very difficult either which can allow you to get stats such as PrefixCast Speed or PrefixSpell Damage and Reduced Mana Cost allowing you to have even less mana issues. We also just havent mentioned the Catalysts themselves giving you useful stats on top of it. I think the play would be to use an Omnividence if you get one but to swap to a 2-3 LP Mad Alchemist's Ladle ASAP.

Loot Filter

Loot fitler can be found in the link below!

This filter is designed to show you leveling gear for Hammer Throw for Levels 1-35 and then gear for Smite & Devouring Orb from Level 35+.

This filter is also good as a general Endgame Monolith filter for this build.

Filter Link - https://www.lastepochtools.com/loot-filters/view/VBML4NQ7

To import it into LE:

  1. Go to the Link
  2. Click Export at the top & click Copy to Clipboard
  3. In-Game: Go to Settings - Gameplay - Manage Loot Filters
  4. Click the Green Plus at the top
  5. Paste Clipboard Contents


Patch 1.0 Changes

Quite a lot of new bases have been added to the game giving this build even more power! Terror Crown & Apocalypse Plate are going to not only make us tankier but give us a lot more DPS!

We also now have Eternal Gauntlets & Praetorian Belt giving us more SuffixArmour then ever & if you want more CDR you can always use Ascetic Gloves.

Healing Hands has finally been given a Passive Tree and oh wow.. it is good. Rahyeh's Chariot 1/1 is AMAZING as this allows us to drop Lunge finally giving us a good Mobility Skill that allows us to target where it goes. Divine Barrier 1/1 also just... makes us Immortal due to it giving us up to 10k+ Ward with us scaling PrefixIncreased Healing Effectiveness & using a low tier PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health to TECHNICALLY count as Low Life.

Lastly, how can we not talk about the addition of Vanguard Boots giving us 50% increased Haste effect which stacks with PrefixExperimental Haste Effect. This means we are even faster than before!

With more Damage, Tankiness, & a better Mobility Skill, VK Autobomber is looking great for Patch 1.0!



  • Changed Weapon Section
  • Updated Healing Hands Tree
  • Updated Healing Hands Tree
  • Fixed stats
  • Swapped from Omni to Ladle in Endgame
  • Swapped from Omni to Ladle in Endgame
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  • Updated Info on LL
  • Sigils of Hope Rework
  • Fixed Healing Hands Tree
  • Healing Hands Update
  • Healing Hands Update
  • Fixed link
  • Fixed a few broken links that I missed
  • 1.0 Updates
  • 1.0 Updates
  • 1.0 Updates
  • 1.0 Updates
  • 1.0 Update
  • Formatting
  • Formatting
  • Build guide was published


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