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Bleed Shadow Cascade Bladedancer Build Guide

Posted by Blogger on February 8, 2024
Last updated on February 9, 2024



This build is a version of Shadow Cascade that uses strong bleed uniques and Bladedancer's support for a movement heavy playstyle to create a fun and effective monolith clearer. It uses shadow clones from Synchronized Strike to spread Shadow Cascade hits over a wide area and follows up with Puncture as its spammable ability, which can instantly detonate bleed stacks applied to enemies to deal heavy chunk damage. Shift is used to trigger Shadow Cascade every few seconds while running to objectives in monoliths.

The build has a fluid and very mobile playstyle with access to high haste uptime and movespeed bonuses from its passive trees. It has solid defensive layers, and is able to reach 3000 life with 71%-100% glancing blow chance and 60% armor and dodge chance. I prefer to skip the extra defenses provided by Shurikens and Smoke Bomb in favor of full offense, but either skill can be added for extra tankiness if desired.

This build requires multiple uncommon uniques to reach its full potential, namely: Blood of the Exile, Salt the Wound and Valdyr's Chalice. I recommend having one or more of the uniques on hand before starting the build, because the RNG factor can be high when going for the gloves and relic especially. This build places a lot of value on SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed to lower the cooldown on Shift and landing it on the unique boots via legendary potential is a major milestone for pushing the build to its limits. The build also benefits from having two well rolled Katana in order to optimize its damage and dodge chance. It has relateively few free affix slots to build defenses with due to the uniques it uses and defensive gearing will feel tight until it's able to collect empowered blessings and achieve good rolls on the right ring and amulet bases. Overall, it has steeper gearing requirements than other, hit-based Bladedancer builds.

The build is designed to achieve good monlith clear speeds and sacrifices boss damage to do so. It's fully capable of clearing T4 dungeons and has the tankiness to do so relatively safely, but it's not anywhere close to top tier when it comes to boss kill times. Using only one or two buttons it's able to fill half or more of the stability bar in monoliths without slowing down to click on enemies. A smooth ability rotation, mobility, and covering the screen with many hits from Shadow Cascade, Dagger Dance 4/4, and explosive bladestorms from Umbral Blades are the build's strengths.

Pros & Cons


Smooth Mono Clear

Movement Based Playstyle

Triggers Many Effects Using Only 2 Buttons

Solid Defenses



Gear Intensive, Needs Uncommon Uniques

'Fair' Damage, Not Overtuned

Mediocre Boss Kill Speed

Gameplay / Mechanics

The damage setup for this build relies on applying many long duration bleeds using a Synchronized Strike -> Shift chain reaction sequence and can follow up by popping the full stack of bleed damage instantly via the Mutilate node from Puncture.

For clear, often all that's needed is pressing Shift on cooldown until reaching the objective. Shifting directly into packs of enemies will maximize the number of hits applied by Shadow Cascade. Synchronized Strike can be used before Shifting to create extra shadows that copy Shadow Cascade and spread damage in a wider area. Puncture is rarely necessary for clear but can be used to quickly dispatch dangerous enemies like Diamond Matrons.

For bosses, the priority is to use Shift on cooldown, with four shadows pre-cast from Sync. Strike, and to maintain the bleed chance buff from the Bloodthirst node in Puncture. The simplest ability order to follow is to Shift then Sync. Strike and spam Puncture until Shift is off cooldown. Using Sync. Strike after Shift has two benefits, it consumes the Jagged Cuts 3/3 buff from Shift more efficiently than Puncture and it means that Shift can be used immediately once it's available without having to time a cast right before Shift's cooldown ends.

Many different attacks and effects occur as part of the Synchronized Strike -> Shift combo sequence. Here is a breakdown of what happens on each use of Shift:

  • Gain invulnerability while Shifting
  • Spawn a shadow
  • Cast Shadow Cascade
  • Restore mana
  • Buff bleeds for next ability
  • Gain short dodge chance buff
  • Gain short movespeed buff

By casting Synchronized Strike beforehand, four shadows are spawned that will copy the Shadow Cascade cast by Shift, which triggers another short sequence:

  • Each shadow casts Shadow Cascade
  • Each shadow leaves behind a Bladestorm from Umbral Blades upon expiration
  • Bladestorms seek out and explode on enemies

With ideal gear Shift has a cooldown of around 2 seconds, delivering a constant barrage of damage while swiftly traversing monoliths.



Stat Priorities


My character's gear is shown in the build planner at the top of the guide. It has a few nice pieces but there is significant room for improvement. Cooldown Recovery Speed and defenses are the top priorities for getting the build online.

Salt the Wound is very important for scaling Bleed Penetration, since the build lacks reliable access to it otherwise. Valdyr's Chalice and Blood of the Exile are simply very strong items for scaling bleed.

Thorn Slinger with Hybrid Health and Cooldown Recovery would be a great addition to the build.

Landing a Katana with all four useful stats and hitting it with a Rune of Creation is a major goal for the build.

I've included the defensive affix allocation I ended up using, but different rolls can lead to different setups being optimal. The end goal is to have all resists covered by gear one way or another so idol slots can be filled with as many health idols as possible.


Health idols do a lot of work for Rogues. Use idols to fix resistances as necessary then prioritize Health/Health Stout Idols and Armor/Health Small Idols. A 4x4 with Increased Bleed Chance per Sword is the greedy, damage focused option.


Crit avoidance, armor stacking, and resistances all help the build immensely. If you somehow cap crit avoidance elsewhere, bleed chance from the dragon timeline blessing can be impactful.

Reign of Dragons
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


To level as this build take Puncture, Shift and Umbral Blades early on. Add in Shadow Cascade at level 35 and Synchronized Strike or Shurikens at level 50. You can follow the skill order from the build planner or chart your own course. Look for attack speed and bleed chance on weapons and defense gear elsewhere.


This build is very comfortable for farming up to 500 corruption. It's not Shadow Daggers level of overtuned, but the damage is still solid. It can gain high amounts of stability with low effort just by pressing Shift on cooldown as it heads to objectives. Doesn't excel at boss damage, but doesn't totally suck either. It's able to ignore all annoying echo modifiers due to being a DoT build that can apply a dodge chance debuff to bosses.

I was able to push 700 corruption in the time it took me to reach level 100. I wouldn't recommend it for pushing very high corruption due to eHP constraints. It can't realistically run low life due to already using uniques in the boot and glove slots.

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.




  • Fixed typos.
  • Updated skills with new tech for boss damage. Upated boss kill video.
  • Build guide was published


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