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Bloody Nib Crit Shatter Strike Spellblade Build Guide

Posted by cyborgwars on February 13, 2024
Last updated on March 5, 2024



I would like to start off by disclaiming that this build requires a playstyle that might not be for everyone. It is quite squishy and requires that the user dodge most enemy attacks. It heavily relies on ward on hit and flame ward to stay alive both from enemy attacks and the Bleeds from Diothaen's Bloody Nib.

Now that we have that over with, how does the build work? well, there are two core uniques that we make use of: Diothaen's Bloody Nib and Mourningfrost. Together these two items make up a massive portion of our damage.

Starting off with Mourningfrost, it will give our Shatter Strike 1 flat cold damage per point of dexterity, Which itself also has 1 flat cold damage and 4% increased damage per point of dexterity. This means that for every point of dexterity we are gaining 2 flat and 4% increased damage, which is obviously massive as we can reach over 100 dexterity.

And of course the namesake of the build; Diothaen's Bloody Nib. It makes it so that our shatter strike inflicts us with a stack of Bleed on hit, and grants us 2% cold penetration for shatter strike per stack of Bleed on ourselves. Against tankier enemies we can easily rack up 100+ stacks of Bleed on ourselves, resulting in 200%+ penetration, which effectively more than triples our damage (assuming the enemy has 0 resistances).

Now; Neither of these uniques are required to play shatter strike of course, so you can start using shatter strike almost immediately after unlocking your mastery and swap over to this build once you're ready.

Pros & Cons


Super high damage output.

Very simple gameplay.

Easy to get going, with a super high equipment ceiling.

Satisfying play style that encourages learning enemy patterns.


Very squishy.

Need to use Mana Strike to sustain mana.

Relies heavily on Flame Ward for defense.

Gameplay / Mechanics


Now, how do we survive these 100+ stacks of Bleed? We make use of ward on hit and cast from many sources, the main ones being:

Arcane Warden 8/8, Essence Duel 5/5,

Huge Arcane Idol and Large Arcane Idol with

SuffixChance to Gain 20 Ward on Melee Hit,

Icy Flow 5/5 in Shatter Strike.

As well as the mastery passive of Spellblade which gives us 4 ward on hit. We also gain stacks of Shattered Aegis 5/5 whenever we hit enemies, giving us generic damage reduction. And of course we'll need to maintain capped physical resistance which will cut the damage our self inflicted Bleeds deal to us by 75%

(self inflicted damage does not gain the resistance penetration from area level that benefits enemies).

It is important for us to maintain 100% critical strike chance with Shatter Strike so we can utilize the Cold Steel 4/4 node to it's fullest, granting us 240% critical strike multiplier, raising it to a 340% more damage multiplier. Now Shatter Strike has no sources of critical strike chance in its tree, which means that we need to get our melee critical strike chance in our character sheet to 100%. We can achieve this by having tier 5 or above PrefixMelee Critical Strike Chance on both our one handed swords, as well as utilize something like either Peak of the Mountain (my prefered choice) or Prismatic Gaze, and the Knowledge of Destruction 10/10 as well as Runeword: Cataclysm 5/6 for additional critical strike chance and 15% more damage vs low health enemies.

An optional but important mechanic we can make use of is the Astonish 1/1 in Flame Ward to trigger it automatically upon stun. Beware however that this can become quite awkward if enemies are either too weak or too strong, with a fairly forgiving middle ground. The reason for this is because even when enemies are quite weak, if you take enough hits one will eventually stun out even if you might not be in any immediate danger, and on the flip side if enemies are too strong almost every hit will trigger it and if enemies are super strong they'll start killing you before it ever even has the chance to trigger, at which point it's better to take off the node and manually use flame ward in anticipation of damage.

A very useful mechanic against tanky enemies and bosses is that when you achieve fairly high attack speeds (around 100+ on sheet in my experience), you'll start being able to simply hold down Shatter Strike and periodically tap Mana Strike to weave in Mana Strike's in between the Shatter Strike casts. This is when the build starts feeling very smooth in my opinion.


Gameplay consists of simply walking up to enemies and pressing Shatter Strike, whenever your mana gets low you Mana Strike once or twice to regain your entire mana globe and keep going. If you think you're in danger you can preemptively Flame Ward to be able to facetank enemies until you're in range. If you're about to hit a particularly tanky you can press Enchant Weapon for a massive damage boost to quickly melt them. Teleporting inbetween packs.


(FIXED AS OF 1.0) As of 0.9.2 There is also a bug with Frost Claw , its Shiver Shell 3/3 node and Diothaen's Bloody Nib. Causing Frost Claw to trigger from our self inflicted Bleeds and giving us a considerable amount of mana Gift of Winter 3/3 as well as ward from Reowyn's Veil 1/1. This bug is not necessary for this build to function, nor will this build stop functioning once this bug is fixed.

As of 0.9.2 The Calculated Destruction 5/8 node 5 points bonus gives generic increased critical strike chance instead of increased spell critical strike chance, meaning we can use it to help cap our crit chance. This bug is also not necessary for this build to function, and we actually gain fairly little from it since we don't stack int to begin with, but it can help in the early stages of the build.



Stat Priorities



Build Variants


I usually start off leveling with Glacier until I unlock my mastery and then switch to Shatter Strike whenever I have a decent enough weapon and can specialize both Shatter Strike and Mana Strike.


I'm now running this build at 1200 corruption, but I usually use a Cradle of the Erased in echoes as it can provide a crazy amount of block chance, that combined with the Glacial Reinforcement 1/5 in Flame Ward can let us reach close to if not 100% block chance with about 50% reduced damage from block effectiveness, letting us tank a couple additional hits. Switching to duel wield whenever I fight a boss.

Loot Filter

I'm a firm believer of making your own loot filter and as such won't be providing mine, sorry.


Q: Why not use Eye of Reen?

A: Because even at 1 LP it's hard to make work, you'd need a 2 LP Eye of Reen with PrefixMelee Critical Strike Chance and PrefixMelee Attack Speed.

Q: Why are we using Siphon of Anguish and Shattered Chains?

A: Siphon has a fairly low LPL and is very easy to drop, making getting a 2 or even 3 LP one viable, and it applies stacks of Doom which lets our Shattered Chains give us 15% more melee damage, it also gives us armour, cleanse on potion and some melee damage.

Q: Do I have to have an Omnis?

A: No, it's just that a well rolled Omnis can't be beaten in terms of how much resistances it gives, and because we need a lot more resistances compared to a regular build thanks to Mourningfrost.

Q: How much damage does this build do?

A: My current setup with a 1 LP Eye of Reen can go up to around 20 million dps on the dummy, the double Crystal Sword setup in this guide can get close to 10 million dps, surpassing it if you're using Ornate Glass Idol and Grand Glass Idol with damage affixes. But these were both fairly well geared setups so don't expect to see such numbers right away.

Q: Can I trust the dps tooltip?

A: No. the dps tooltip will not show your true dps, in some cases it can show which item will give you more damage but especially when it comes to uniques it will often be wrong since it doesn't account for a lot of conditional stats.



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