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Crit Harvest / Bone Golem Hybrid Lich Build Guide

Posted by Mangert on May 4, 2024
Last updated on May 4, 2024



This build revolves around Harvest damage and Bone Golem damage. Those are the two things being scaled.

Apogee of Frozen Light scales both, as it gives larger amounts of flat melee damage, and also a more modifier and Frenzy to your minions. You get Bone Minions from Simulacrum 1/1 and Skeleton Vanguard from Harvested Legions 2/2. These have very little stats, so they will die quickly, letting you proc Frozen Vengeance.

We are getting an insane amount of flat damage because our PrefixIntelligence is giving necrotic flat damage to our Harvest and Apogee also gives a bunch of flat melee damage.

This also uses Julra's Obsession to scale your own damage and your minions at the same time! Usually wanting t7 PrefixMelee Attack Speed and t5 or t7 SuffixChance to Shred Armour on Hit.

This build is a crit build easily getting 100% crit due to Harvest nodes such as Iron Mouths 2/5 and Spectral Whetstone 3/3. So you don't need much actual crit investment from your gear. Just get close to 100 for Harvest, and don't worry about crit for Reap.

Your golems don't do THAT much damage, it uses the Frenzy from Apogee of Frozen Light to apply Shred Armour and other ailments, heal you with Hunger 5/5, and to deal decent damage.

With all of that... you are dealing a lot of damage with each harvest cast. Which means you heal a lot because health leech of Woven Flesh, Soul Maw 5/5 and Ageless Ascetic 5/5 and Grand Hunger of Dragons. This is enough IMO, but if this isn't enough, I'd recommend getting PrefixHarvest Damage Leeched As Health on your chest instead of PrefixDexterity. Feel it out and see if you can stay in Reaper Form for a long time or not.

Pros & Cons


Once you get your 2 Red Ring of Atlaria you are extremely tanky with very high EHP and can stay in Reaper Form easily with all of your leech.

Takes advantage of double dip from Intelligence, and double dip of Julra's Obsession

Freezes everything making for a smooth, satisfying, safe gameplay loop.

Viable melee Acolyte build

Big Harvest crits into big leech


Melee build and not huge range with Harvest

At high corruption Bone Golem can die sometimes due to low minion health.

Not a starter build, and doesn't feel that strong without a good lp Julra's Obsession, Apogee of Frozen Light, and Boneclamor Barbute. I would not recommend doing build without these at least. 1 lp Julra, 1 lp Apogee, and 1-2 lp Boneclamor.

In general really benefits from high lp items, meaning its difficult to max out AND difficult to get started.

If you don't have mobs to attack, you will not leech, and fall quickly out of Reaper Form

Weak if you drop out of Reaper Form

Gameplay / Mechanics

This build revolves around doing large crit damage with Harvest and your Bone Golems doing decent damage and applying stuff such as Shred Armour, Chill, Marked For Death, healing you with Hunger 5/5, and taking threat away from you with Tower of Bones 2/4, and freezing enemies via Frozen Eyes of Formosus.

You will want to Transplant onto groups of enemies because of Doom Bringer 1/1, and Bone Curse will give you more Shred Armour + Marked For Death. Marked For Death counts as a curse for the purposes of Symbol of Loss 5/5 to buff your Harvest. If you aren't running double Red Ring of Atlaria, you will be running an Opal Ring and Ribbons of Blood. The CDR is nice for transplant and the attributes are nice because you benefit from Dexterity and Intelligence.

The #1 most important thing is to stay in Reaper Form as this gives huge amounts of damage. Meaning you have to constantly attack enemies to leech up your health. Rush through monoliths, making sure to attack anything and everything.

Use Transplant and Reap for movement. Cast Harvest over and over whenever mobs are in range. Because of Undead Harvest 1/1 your Bone Golem will just attack whatever you are attacking, so it will follow you well. Just resummon your golem if it dies, make sure to resummon it next to your dead golems for Fragments of the Fallen 1/1.



Stat Priorities


After getting close to max resistances, your most important stats in order are:

  1. PrefixIntelligence (buffs your damage and bone golem's damage)
  2. PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier
  3. SuffixArmour (scales really well with flat armor from bone armor idols and the 280 flat armor from Boneclamor Barbute)
  4. 60% SuffixEndurance (to bounce back and leech up your health)
  5. PrefixMelee Damage (scales really well with flat damage you already have)

Prioritize these in this order when you are slamming t7s on your uniques.

Get as much of the affixes above as you can, then get:

  1. PrefixDexterity (more Harvest damage)
  2. SuffixHealthSuffixHealth for buffer to leech back up, or PrefixVitality for more health and more healing from Hunger 5/5
  3. SuffixChance to Shred Armour on Hit for more damage.


Reign of Dragons
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


You can level with Harvest I guess if you want, but this build requires at least Apogee of Frozen Light to be actually working, so I would recommend playing another build until you have a few uniques.


This build has TONS of end game items you can chase, every optimal is a unique with some lp. In this build planner, I put many affixes on uniques that could never get that much LP, disregard that, those are just affixes you prioritize on an exalted item before you get the unique. The main LP you want is on your Julra's Obsession, Apogee of Frozen Light, Woven Flesh, Bulwark of the Last Abyss, and Boneclamor Barbute. If you don't have a good lp Woven Flesh, I'd recommend a Yrun's Wisdom because it synergizes quite well with the build, but is worse than Woven Flesh considering the importance of leech in this build. A 3 or 4 lp Yrun's Wisdom is definitely good enough for the end game.

The rest of the items, get LP if you can. Once you have 130 total stats, and have 2 Red Ring of Atlaria, switch to that. Until then for rings, run 1 good exalted ring + Ribbons of Blood with at least PrefixIntelligence or PrefixDexterity.

This can push very high corruption due to the large amount of EHP you have with Bone Armor from Bone Armor 3/3 + PrefixArmor granted by Bone Armor from idols. multiplying with the increased armor from Bulwark of the Last Abyss andCommunion of the Erased. this build has medium hp, and an insane amount of armor, making you very tanky. At high corruption your bone golem will start to get killed, and although you can just resummon because you aren't using your mana for anything else, you can also add some PrefixMinion Health or PrefixLevel of Summon Bone Golem for minion armor.

Loot Filter

Generate one from the build planner, or make your own targeting the affixes in the build planner.


Is this better than a regular Crit Harvest build?

I don't know, never played it, but its definitely a cooler flavor with freezing everything and having your bone golems up in melee with you. I think the bug fix toDeath's Embrace is a huge nerf to Crit Harvest. You used to be able to have infinite negative mana, giving you infinite extra damage. The bug fix makes crit harvest in need of a new go to weapon. This is my attempt of that with a Apogee of Frozen Light version.

How high corruption can this go?

300 is definitely in the cards. Really depends on your uniques and lp. With the double Red Ring of Atlaria setup (you need 130-140 total stats before equipping 2 red rings to get the buff), you can go to 500 and even 1000 corruption. Damage is there with the right uniques + LP, so I'm sure you could go quite high once your items are decked out. It is not the fastest clearer because of low range of Harvest, but the damage is there for sure.

How do I keep my golems alive?

On bosses, you have to move them out of stuff, or they will get killed, if they are dying in monoliths, wear a Ribbons of Blood (if you don't have 2 Red Ring of Atlaria), and maybe get some PrefixMinion Health and PrefixLevel of Summon Bone Golem. There are also some passive nodes that give more survivability to minions.

How do I stay in Reaper Form?

Attack stuff, use Transplant and Reap to move throughout monoliths and keep finding more enemies and CONSTANTLY attack, so you are leeching. If you run out of enemies, you will drop out and that just sucks, but nothing you can do.



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