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Empathica's Himbo Rive - Budget Cycle Starter Void Knight Build Guide

Posted by breakerfall on February 20, 2024
Last updated on March 12, 2024



So you want to use Rive but Flame Drinker's Blade is too intimidating? Don't feel like scrounging for PrefixMelee Critical Strike Chance and PrefixCritical Strike Chance on gear? Thoughts getting in the way of your vibes? You're in the right place! This build does not require amazing positioning or precise rotations, making it perfect for controller. You will often be holding down as many as four buttons for maximum effect and we are building to tank most hits, including 90% of T4 Julra's kit.

This guide functions as a budget alternative to Perrythepig's anvil rive, and I suggest you also check that out, because it seems to still be valid for 1.0. This build's difference hinges on taking Focused Strike instead of Flame Drinker's Blade. This allows us to forgo some of the rarer items used in Perry's build and supplement them with more common ones farmed from Orobyss (a boss we will see often, for anyone who doesn't know).

This build carried me until I had the gear I wanted for another playstyle, I pushed it to 650 corruption in beta and took it to #3 in arena... for Void Knights. I think this build is best suited for controller but I don't think a mouse and keyboard would hinder it. It requires only the most basic gear and the power will be evident from the time you take Foe Cleaver and equip a 2h weapon.

Pros & Cons


Barebones starter for farming Orobyss and T4 Temporal Sanctum


No essential uniques (no maehlins or Fiery Dragon Shoes)

Free crits! No crit chance necessary on weapons/gear

Controller Friendly


Not the most exciting visuals


All buttons used

Gameplay / Mechanics

Skill Synergies and Mechanics


Doubles our damage and ailment chance with Foe Cleaver 1/1. This is huge for Shred Armour as even a t5 will quickly allow you to reach the maximum amount of effective stats. The Temporal Warrior 1/1 node is great, but you do not even need to be a Void Knight to use Foe Cleaver 1/1 to great effect. We take Focused Strike 1/1 as a key part of this build to not care about crit chance on weapon or gear, which allows us to focus on attack speed and other important damage stats. Weapon Specialist 1/1 provides us some nominal void damage to scale with the Void Knight's innate void damage synergies, and is a good reason to take PrefixVitality when you can.


30% SuffixIncreased Cooldown Recovery Speed (including to anomaly itself) with Swiftrest 3/3, and with even a t5 cooldown mod on boots you will have 100% uptime. Important contributions here are attack speed (can't get enough) and 200% SuffixIncreased Leech Rate, which when combined with the 130% from Siphon of Anguish and Apathy's Maw translate to our health bar snapping back to full at warp speed every time we take a hit that doesn't kill us.

Abyssal Echoes

This is a damage multiplier, Attack speed booster and also grants us Shred Armour chance, Physical penetration, and Time Rot chance. Abyssal Echoes packs a pocketful of sand to debuff your enemies with as well as buffing ourselves considerably with Embrace the Darkness 4/4.

Void Cleave

Our traversal skill that aids Abyssal Echoes in debuffing the enemy, instantly applying multiple ailment stacks and in unison with Abyssal Echoes allows us to reach more than acceptable levels of Shred Armour (which multiply our damage greatly).

Volatile Reversal

Unlike most builds which use this for mana restoration, we are using it purely for damage and can take Timelost Wisdom to shorten this cooldown to about 4 seconds under the effects of Anomaly. You can play around with extending your reversal with Ancient Reversal to match the cooldown timer,but 4 seconds is longer than you think and this can easily land you in trouble, so exercise caution. In addition to letting us reposition cleverly by going back in time, this skill amps our damage considerably when both of the rifts created hit the same enemy (they are visually underwhelming and hard to see, just make sure you ender and exit the Volatile Reversal on top of the enemy).

Using the Skills


This is always on, I keep this on left trigger and clamp it down. It shouldn't interrupt you too much after the cast speed from Blademaster 5/5 kicks in. You can try to aim it but currently it is not worth the effort on controller.


ABR - "Always Be Riving." Controller users will find it fairly easy to stutter step across the battlefield dragging enemies with Challenge to more opportune locations and circle strafing to dodge fire. I can't seem to do it very well on mouse, but many are more skilled than I.

Abyssal Echoes

ABCA- no not that. "Always Be Casting Abyssal Echoes". you will be limited by mana early and your will to press this many buttons later, but eventually you can also just hold this down and rely on Rive and Time and Faith 3/5 to keep your mana healthy.

Volatile Reversal

If you ain't reversin', you are...worsen...ing. Uhh, anyway, you should also cast Volatile Reversal as often as possible and if you have paddle buttons or particularly dexterous fingers can just hold all 4 of these down in the endgame. 2 seconds at base should be plenty but you can increase this with Ancient Reversal if/when you are confident in your ability to not make every skill press your early grave.

Void Cleave

FINALLY, you think I wouldn't give you a skill with some agency? void cleave will get you around, but also you should weave this in as often as possible* to your rotation due to Armor Sunderer's increased armor shred duration and effect. it's also a good way to stack Time Rot for Food for Wyrms 4/4*.

*Controller users: This will occasionally and unpredictably shoot you way past the target, which is deadly in some boss fights. You may need to hold off in some cases.

**Before you have an Apathy's Maw, you want to avoid this since it only boosts void damage.



Stat Priorities


These uniques are all optional, but will all greatly improve flow of the build:

Apathy's Maw

Apathy's maw has what we in the business like to call "BFD" or Big Flat Damage. Rive DOUBLES this with Foe Cleaver and this is further amped by Apathy's Maw built in Doom on hit and Shattered Chains. Doom does void damage over time but also provides a melee buff in the form of a "more" multiplier for each stack you have on an enemy. You might hear people worry about split damage - this is only a concern when you aren't effectively dual wielding 2h weapons.

Found: Killing Orobyss at corruption 50 or higher (boss only).

Titan Heart

A little bit of everything, the Titan Heart primarily gives us a huge SuffixHealth increase of 30-40% on top of 15% damage reduction and a small amount of PrefixMelee Damage.

Found: Chest armor nodes in the empowered Blood, Frost and Death timeline, rune of ascendance on chest armor.

Code of an Erased Sentinel

Weavers will items upgrade as you use them, gaining a number of tiers of affixes equal to the number displayed. You do not need any specific mods, the +1 to skills gives us +15% more damage to Rive via Brutality. Seek them out often until you find a useful one.

Found: Last Ruin monolith, Rune of Ascendance on relics.

Siphon of Anguish

Siphon of anguish provides Doom on hit to boost our melee damage, as well as PrefixMelee Damage Leeched as Health and defensive stats, and you will likely find one long before you find an Apathy's Maw.

Found: Killing Orobyss (boss only).

Crafting & Found items

  1. You want SuffixHealth on rings, boots, and amulets, SuffixHealth on belts, helmets, and armor and then SuffixHybrid Health for boots, gloves, and belts.
  2. PrefixStrength is a generic damage increase for Rive that will also increase our defenses.
  3. Be on the lookout for t7 SuffixHealth on body armors to use in the temporal sanctum with a Titan Heart with Legendary Potential.
  4. This also goes for t7 PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier and t7 PrefixMelee Attack Speed on two-handed axes to add to an Apathy's Maw with Legendary Potential.
  5. PrefixIncreased Echo Damage When A Skill Echoes and PrefixLevel of Anomaly can be good additions to PrefixStrength as a helmet prefix.


You want to cap crit avoid. Grand Survival of Might is a perfectly sane way to do most of this if you don't have it on gear, and will probably be your go to for quite some time. You can also have this value with one t7 mod though, and try doing that with Grand Resolve of Humanity!

Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire

Build Variants


Rush Foe Cleaver for Rive and grab the biggest 2h weapon you can muster. There's one intrepid fox out there who's gone to 80 using just rive and not taking a mastery - literally everything else is just gravy. Feel free to experiment with compliments to rive as you level up - just take the core skills mentioned above in the guide as they become available to you. The skill planner is set up with leveling in mind.


Siphon of Anguish, Apathy's Maw and Titan Heart should be your first orders of business after reaching empowered monoliths. You will find the monolith Blood, Frost and Death to be suitable for farming all of this.

Start building your HP towards that 3k mark, and keep a lookout for Omnis once you hit 200 corruption, as it can add the final point you need for taking Scrap Metal to make sense. You should be able to kill t4 Julra once you have a Titan Heart and 2800 health.

Once you have farmed these three initial items, it might be time to look at more expensive builds like Perrythepig's Anvil Rive to increase your ability to climb corruption.

Loot Filter

New loot filter for leveling, please use this one in place of the old one



Q: What is this build's power level compared to Falconer/Warlock/other sentinel builds?

A: All sentinel builds suffer from being somewhat outdated, this guide is specifically for getting to and through empowered without spending a million gold or min/maxing so it's going to be somewhere in the middle for sentinel builds. If you are coming from one of the newer classes sentinel might feel a bit clunky no matter what you do.

Q: Why is the item filter showing me things I don't need?

A: While I've done my best to make the filter show only relevant things, it can't actually tell if an item is an upgrade or not. It only reflects my best effort guess at which items could possibly be relevant to you, but there are choices you will have to make based on chance that are impossible to account for with the tools in the filter.



  • updated FAQ
  • Updated loot filter description to include that it's for leveling
  • Updated loot filter
  • Build guide was published


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