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Fragmented Dominion: Unleashing Devastating Marrow Shards and Unparalleled Leech for Unrivaled Tankiness Build Guide

Posted By Strategy on May 21, 2023
Last updated on May 31, 2023



This build focuses on maximizing the potential of Marrow Shards, a powerful attack in Last Epoch, while also utilizing various skills and synergies to achieve exceptional tankiness, high damage output, and swift movement. The build is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for different playstyles and playthroughs, and it does not rely on unique or set items.

When gearing up, prioritize offensive affixes such as:

For survivability you should prioritized the following defensive affixes:

Utility affixes can enhance your overall performance:

The blessings to aim for are

Obtaining a well-rolled Dragonhorn Wand and Crystal Skull for your wand and off-hand catalyst respectively may prove challenging but highly rewarding.

Woven Flesh is a useful unique item.

Exsanguinous is another unique worth considering, especially if focusing on ward over leech.

With this build, you'll have a versatile, easy-to-play character capable of dealing massive damage, achieving high tankiness, and swiftly navigating the game's challenges.

Pros & Cons


Massive Versatility ☑

Easy to Gear ☑

Easy to Play ☑

Very Tanky ☑

Very Fast ☑

High DPS ☑

End-Game ☑


Auto-Aim Bug ❓

Hard to Find the Best Implicits ❓

No Unique or Set Items ❓

Gameplay / Mechanics

Marrow Shards is a powerful attack. With the Ossumancy 7/7, you essentially grant +100% cast speed. I recommend specializing in crit and ignoring bleed. Bone Knives 1/1 grants a whopping (.75*2) 150% hit damage on top of Apathy 1/1 and Dead Weight 5/5. Bone Splinters 1/1 and Marrow Caster 1/1 are essential.

Transplant is a powerful movement skill that will grant armor and damage reduction from Bone Armor 3/3, haste from Acolyte's Fervor 3/3, and CDR from Fleeting Form 3/3.

Bone Curse is a debuff that applies (Marked for Death) Sigil of Mortality 1/1 on-hit with Cursed Limbs 5/5. It deals increased damage with Oppressive Gaze 1/1 andAcute Infliction 1/1 and helps clear trash quickly with Ruptured Corpse 1/1.

Death Seal is a buff granting massive damage reduction and dps from Deadlock 1/1 and Corrupted Consciousness 5/5. Make sure to convert it from necrotic to physical with Corporeal Cascade 1/1. Death Seal unleashes waves of death more frequently with Tachycardia 5/5, and each one applies Condemnation 2/2's kill threshold.

Reaper Form is a transformation granting a second movement ability, Reap, with a separate cooldown from Transplant because of Unholy Dominion 1/1. While transformed, you'll enjoy stacking movement speed on-kill from Death Comes Quickly 2/4, increased cast speed Rapid Destruction 3/3, and increased damage from Soul for a Soul 4/4, Reaper's Curse 4/4, and Death's Door 4/4.

The offensive affixes to prioritize are:

The defensive affixes to prioritize are:

The utility affixes to prioritize are:

The following affixes are also an excellent choice if you come across any of them:

I recommend prioritizing the following two idols:

The key blessings to farm for are:

The most difficult items to find will be your wand and off-hand catalyst.

You will need a Dragonhorn Wand with the appropriate affixes as well as a Crystal Skull for its base crit and ideally with the desired affixes.

Viable Uniques

  1. Woven Flesh is an applicable unique that I used for about 1/3 of my time on this character. If you drop one with LP, go for it! If you're lucky enough to drop one with 2-3LP it's probably BiS.
  2. Exsanguinous is another unique I played around with that has some synergy with Hollow Lich 1/1 if you want to ignore leech and focus more on ward.
  3. Vaion's Chariot on paper look fun to use with your Exsanguinous if you can afford to slot both in without losing too much power.
  4. There are a few items centered around bleed if you choose to go for bleed rather than crit. I ignored them because crit is better but they are Valdyr's Chalice, Flayer's Pride and Symbol of Demise.



Stat Priorities


The affixes and items below are guidelines to help you not rules to follow.


You'll have much freedom with what idols to slot in. Increasing your health is the standard.


The Black Sun has a few viable blessings such as Grand Thirst of the Sun and Grand Hunger of the Void, but I've found Grand Emptiness of Ash to be the most impactful.

Reign of Dragons also offers multiple blessings like Grand Resolve of Humanity, Grand Hemmorage of Marrow and Grand Survival of Might, but if you're lucky enough to roll a near-perfect Grand Cruelty of Strength, that will be best.

Build Variants


Most of your power comes from your skill tree, then your passives, so fill those out accordingly and improve your gear as you go.

If you are struggling during the campaign, I recommend putting your first points into Hollow Lich 1/1, Dance with Death 8/8, and Survival of the Cruel 8/8. This will convert all leech into damage at 10x the value. Unless you go the Ensang route, you'll want to opt out of Hollow Lich once you get to monos because the sustain received from Soul Maw 5/5 and Ageless Ascetic 5/5 will make you super tanky! You can also rush the damage reduction from Bone Armor 3/3 and enhance it with Plated Bone 2/2. Don't underestimate the power of Hollow Lich 1/1!


Kill Majasa Easily ☑

Empower Monoliths Quickly ☑

Farm Corruption at Your Will ☑

Sub-Minute T4 Dungeon Bossing ☑




  • Added "Hollow Lich" to Leveling Guide
  • Replaced Illusion of Pain node with Bone Eruption
  • Added Loot Filter
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  • Corrected calculation of more hit damage from Bone Knives in Gameplay/Mechanics.
  • Re-Ordered Videos by Comprehensive Relevance
  • Added Farming T4 Cremorus Video
  • Damage Increase from Bone Curse: Switched skill point from "Bone Eruption" to "Illusion of Pain."
  • Build guide was published


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