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"More"lock Spirit Plague Bleed Warlock - 23 Ailments & 7 Curses | Low-Life Ward Build Guide

Posted by MoxOnHit on May 7, 2024
Last updated on May 7, 2024



Hello everyone! Mox On Hit here with my Spirit Plague Bleed Warlock End-Game build... The "More"lock! Through the power of Warlock, with more multipliers in the tree, we hit over 400% more multiplier damage for our ailment ticks... giving us the power of more... for the "More"lock!

This build focuses on using Spirit Plague, Chthonic Fissure, and Chaos Bolts to make an easy-to-play, strong, and fun auto-bomber style build that pours on the ailments. We apply over 23 ailments, and 7 curses with our skills, but our main damage dealer is Bleed via Spirit Plague.

For the full end-game build of this you will need access to several more unique items: Exsanguinous, Last Steps of the Living, and a pair of gloves with at least Tier 5 PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health. Once you have these items you can follow the build guide as listed.

This build also excels at being budget friendly starter with a life variation which is posted below, and which only really needs Mad Alchemist's Ladle to get going.

This build is designed specifically to go from Level 1 up to End-Game, or to transition easily into any End-Game Warlock build. Feel free to take a look at the rest of my videos, for a deep-dive breakdown on how to take this build from start to 1000+ Corruption with my 4 part series. All these videos are linked below.

Pros & Cons


Simple playstyle with Chthonic Fissure, Spirit Plague, and Chaos Bolts combo!

Can get you to 1,000 Corruption on simple gear, with only Mad Alchemist's Ladle being the one suggested/required unique!

15k Ward with up to 20-24k buffed!

AMAZING at clearing and bossing!


Requires a lot of uniques.

Not everyone loves Ailment/DoT builds.

Requires Spirit Plague + Fissure + Chaos Bolts to do damage for us while we use Ghostflame for defense.

Not as tanky as Profane Veil and Bone Curse with the Bone Prison node.

Gameplay / Mechanics

Focuses on using Chthonic Fissure and Spirit Plague to automatically clear most of the map/echo. We then use Chaos Bolts spam for targeting down bosses.

The main damage comes mostly from Spirit Plague and the Exsanguination 5/5 & Laceration 5/5 nodes. This allows us to stack a crazy amount of bleeds by utilizing Fissure Spirits and Chaos Bolt hits for as many hits-per-second as possible. The best part of this rotation and build though is the automaticity it has with Plague Burst 2/3. With this skill, you simply cast your Spirit Plague once or twice per screen only to have it spread across entire packs almost instantly. We then let Chaos Bolt's and Fissure automatically barrage hits onto the target through the use of the Chaotic Rupture 3/3, Stygian Current 5/5 giving us the most Spirit/Chaos Bolts per second. We also utilize PrefixIncreased Spirit Frequency with Chthonic Fissure on our chest to boost this effect.

To finish off big targets or Bosses, we dip into Profane Veil for a second to utilize the Scorn 5/5 node for a massive increase to our DoT ailment ticks from Bleed! This along with the passive skill Doom Herald 8/8 give us a whopping 74% more multiplier to our damage!

For the rest of our defensive rotation we focus on Ghostflame with Spectral Menace 5/5, Disdain 4/4, and Wraith Form 3/4 for Ward generation, Dodge, and Damage Reduction. Utilize this as well for a solid damage boost with Doom Herald, just like with Profane Veil.



Stat Priorities


For gear, the name of the game is PrefixMana Regeneration! We are extremely power hungry for mana in this build. If you are struggling for mana playing this, then you can look to remove Chaotic Rupture 3/3 points from Chthonic Fissure to help with this. I have made a quick list here telling you the threshold you need to have certain levels of Chaotic Rupture active.

For the rest of the gear, targeting the following are your top priority on LP items, per their respective slots:

  1. PrefixMana Regeneration
  2. PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health (T6-T7)
  3. PrefixIncreased Spirit Frequency with Chthonic Fissure
  4. SuffixHybrid Health (T7)
  5. SuffixHealth
  6. SuffixHealth
  7. PrefixIntelligence
  8. SuffixNecrotic Resistance

For rings & amulet, best-in-slot will be Ivory Ring & Bone Amulet due to the Ward Threshold and Necrotic/Physical Resistance. Use these 3 slots to finish off any needed Resistances for balancing, and for adding PrefixDamage Over Time T6 or T7 when available.

Life to Ward Transition:


The only 2 required/suggested blessings are Grand Fury of the North for Shred Physical Resistance and Grand Survival of Might for capping our Critical Avoidance.

The rest of the blessings are up to you and can be filled in as desired. I usually just default to Resistances as needed.

If you are playin Circle Of Fortune, chose the correct blessing to target farm your needed drops more easily. I would recommend Cruelty of Formosus while going through regular Monoliths at the start of a cycle to try to get your Ladle with LP1 or LP2 as quickly as possible.

Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire
The Last Ruin

Build Variants


For a specific leveling guide, follow this video: https://youtu.be/w2wk1XwaQ2w

This Build is a fantastic starter as well, that can progress to my version of a Bleed Warlock, or into any Warlock Build you want to try. It takes you right up to level 55 at the end of the Campaign, and has a seamless transition into the rest of my follow-up Build Videos to take you to Level 100 and up to 1000+ Corruption. The best part, the Life Variation only needs a few unqiues and no LP!

Levels 1-17

We start out with a basic opener of Forbidden Knowledge 8/8, Stolen Vitality 8/8, and Blood Aura 4/8 to get us to our 20 required to unlock Warlock at 17.

For skills we use Rip Blood, Bone Curse, Wandering Spirits, Summon Bone Golem, and Summon Skeleton. Our goal is to cast Bone Curse, and them spam Rip Blood to procs, using our minions to give us free attack triggers for Bone Curse.

Specialize Splatter 5/5 in Rip Blood for AOE clear and triggers of Bone Curse. Also go with Defile Defenses 5/5 in Bone Curse for easy early damage.

Levels 17-35

To make this transition easier, focus on your Rune of Ascendance first on wands for Mad Alchemist's Ladle, next focus on armor for Exsanguinous.

From here we should have unlocked Warlock! We focus on rushing for Soul Stealer 5/8 and Occultist's Mind 5/8 for as much Mana Regeneration and sustain as possible. This build is VERY mana hungry, this should be our top priority! Next get to Lich for Apocrypha 5/10, and then move back to Warlock to work toward Cauldron of Blood 5/8 and Unholy Torment 6/6 for easy early damage.

We drop Wandering Spirits. Rip Blood and Summon Skeleton for Spirit Plague, Chthonic Fissure, and Chaos Bolts. Our main combo is now online with us dropping a Fissure and them Spirit Plague for constant damage, and Chaos Bolts for single target focus.

Drop Rip Blood and Bone Curse Specializations to instead go with Stygian Current 5/5 in Fissure, and Devour the Damned 1/2 & Cursed Blood 1/1 in Chaos Bolts for sustain.

Levels 35-55

Follow the recorded tree and skill specializations here: https://www.lastepochtools.com/planner/om630M8A

This will bring you up to the point of the last transition at approximately 52-55 for killing the campaign boss and moving into Monoliths.

Our only real big change here in 35-55 is adding back Defile Defenses 5/5 with Bone Curse as our 4th Specialization until we unlock Profane Veil.

Levels 55+

From here transition into the standard tree listed in this build if you have the gear, and try to focus on the preferred gear/affixes listed in the guide.

The biggest thing is being patient and letting the build carry you into about 100-200+ Corruption with just the gear you find. Don't worry about making an early transition to low-life until you find PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health & Exsanguinous. Once you have at least a 12%+ Ward affix, make the transition to low-life, as this is the stronger way to play this build in the long term.

Until then, look above at my Life Variation to show you some suggested gear options.


This build can be expensive to optimize it for a true End-Game grinder. As stated above, I would highly recommend following my Life Version of the build listed in Variation section of this build guide if you don't have all the pieces. This will give you the best foundation to start with until you get the required gear.

Low-life Ward must have these items:PrefixExperimental Ward per Missing Health (12%+) and Exsanguinous! If you do not have these, do not transition to low-life.

Once you get these required pieces I highly suggest you make the transition to low-life as this is a far superior way to play this build. Don't worry about pushing too fast though with the Life Version though, this can easily carry you into the 100-200+ Corruption in Empowered Monoliths without having to do much.

Our skill rotation stays the same as stated before, with the only change for Corruption 600+ being our reliance on Ghostflame. Use Profane Veil as well when you can on bigger packs and enemies. Use both these skills to allow your Spirit Plague Bleed stacks to do your damage. Drop Chthonic Fissure as needed, but watch your mana and allow enemies to come to you to give time for your Chaos Bolts to proc.

I have not maxed out the capability of this build, and it might not have one. With the generation of your Ward from Ghostflame and it's many layers of defenses, we can consistently maintain 18k+ ward. When we add Ambitions of an Erased Acolyte's unique ability of 2-6% Enemy Health Gained as Ward, we can get up to 24-26+k consistently while in Echoes. The best part is this scales with the Corruption, increasing their health, and in turn increasing our Ward. Yes, we are not immortal, but we are pretty close... but still watch your placement and let your skills automaticity do the heavy lifting!




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