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Summons Only Necromancer Build Guide

Posted by Lilydayo on February 7, 2024
Last updated on February 7, 2024



A classic minion build that overwhelms your enemies with a large horde of undead and provide enough damage output with survivability. The only thing you need for your damage source is PrefixMinion Damage so you can focus on other survivability affixes such as PrefixMinion Health, PrefixVitality, SuffixHealth and Resistances. This guide will cover the Fire Minion build.

This build will provide you active gameplay with Summon Volatile Zombie and give you additional survivability with Ward. The build is still functional without any Unique Items so you can freely change to your heart content. Additionally, as your minions will take care most of everything, you can have window times to learn bosses' mechanics and avoid coordinated attacks while still dealing good damage.

This build is currently battle-tested up to Monoliths without any problems so rest assured with its ability to make it in endgame contents.

Pros & Cons


Easy gearing with common affixes

Not requiring many steps in combat

Relatively strong boss damaging

Fairly tanky with additional Ward from Summon Volatile Zombie


A bit of RNG to summon 2 Flame Wraths. But only one will still work fine.

Needs some mana management as spamming Summon Volatile Zombie costs a lot

Strong AoE / Coordinated attacks can be hurtful, which can lead to fatal situations

Gameplay / Mechanics

Summon your horde and let hell loose! You can start with any minion. The number is 1 Summon Bone Golem, 5 Summon Skeletal Mage, 8 Summon Skeleton, 2 Summon Wraith. Additionally, when Summon Volatile Zombie zombie explodes, it gives you an additional Skeletal Vanguard with at most 3 of them.

You can re-summon Summon Wraith to get Flame Wraths. It's rather RNG but 1 out of 2 is good enough.

This is quite an active gameplay build, even since the start so no worries of getting bored midway. Keep summoning Summon Volatile Zombie moderately to both damaging and gaining Ward.

As bosses can hit quite hard, most of the time your Skeletons will be wiped so keep an eye out on them. On the other hand, the Golem is very tanky and can attract bosses' attacks so you don't have to worry much about it.



Stat Priorities


PrefixMinion Damage and PrefixMinion Health are quite common. Try to focus on both of them as your minions are both your tank and dps. Additionally, PrefixShared Increased Fire Damage isn't a must (as you can see in my build) but it will provide more damage output from the minions as they both deal fire damage and ignites the enemies.

But nothing can be done if you die. Therefore your vital is critically important. Grab any Resistances you can find, preferably SuffixElemental Resistance, SuffixPhysical Resistance and if you're lucky, SuffixAll Resistances is better. Make sure all of your Resistances are capped (which is 75%). But, only resistances won't be enough. Focus on your PrefixVitality, SuffixHealth (SuffixHealth works too), SuffixHealth Regeneration as well. If you're lucky, again, then SuffixHybrid Health is really good. You also can get Health through passives, the more the better. If you can, have some SuffixArmour too.


Any Idols that provide you Minion Fire Damage and Resistances are good. Later on you can add some Volatile Zombie prefixes but not necessarily needed so it's all out your choices at the end of the day.


The Black Sun


Ending the Storm


Reign of Dragons


The Age of Winter


Spirits of Fire


Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


This build can be used from Level 1 and quite strong at that also. Until my current level (78) I had no problem whatsoever. Even though you may need to change your active skill from time to time until you unlock Summon Volatile Zombie, it's still not an issue as up to there you Skeletons and Bone Golem will have your back.


It will be difficult to scale both yours and minions' survivability at the endgame. The damage will be enough, you can clear all the campaigns and early endgame contents really easy. But a few hundreds corruption in, it can be a bit more challenging without proper vitality.

Loot Filter

Depends on your need from each period of time. Feel free to customize your own loot filter for the build.




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