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Osprixx's Fire Warpath Paladin Cycle Starter Build Guide

Posted by Osprixx on February 8, 2024
Last updated on February 18, 2024



Focusing on hit-based spell damage from Smite and Divine Bolt 1/1 being triggered from Warpath and Javelin, this Paladin is a great starter build for anyone just getting into Last Epoch.

This build has absolutely no dependency on Legendary items, making it perfect for starting a new cycle.

We get our extreme survivability from 100% block and health-on-block, allowing for pretty mindless monolith grinding. Even in hardcore.

All gear, skill trees, and passives trees are pulled from a currently active character and may not reflect perfect gear. So please read the guide carefully to fully understand what to look for. This may change in the future.

Pros & Cons


Super-Safe Levelling in HC

Super-High Defence VS Hits

Great self-healing with Smite


Dies instantly to boss DoTs (have to be good at Lagon)

Gameplay / Mechanics

The gameplay of any Warpath build boils down to one thing: Spin-to-win. That's it. Just go and the spells will take care of the rest.


This is probably the most interesting part of the build, considering it's a melee build that uses spells for damage. This feels similar to a Path of Exile Cast-while-Channeling Cyclone build if that means anything to you.

All damage comes in the form of hits from Smite and Divine Bolt 1/1. So scaling Spell Damage, Fire Damage, Elemental Damage, Fire Penetration, Armor Shred, etc. is all useful here. What we don't scale is any form of Melee Damage and Damage Over Time, though PrefixMelee Attack Speed on Gloves could be useful still to increase the rate of Divine Bolt 1/1 triggers.

Divine Bolt 1/1 triggers and the Fire Burst on kill with Smite's Righteous Overload 5/5 are going to be your main source of clear, while the direct hit from Smite triggered by Warpath and Javelin's Righteous Descend 5/5 will be your main source of boss DPS.

Warpath in this build serves simply as a way to trigger our damaging spells, and to add extra defences.


We focus on building up to 100% block chance using Warpath's Juggernaut Stance 5/5. Sigils Of Hope's Sign of the Guardian 3/3, Rings and Gloves with SuffixBlock Chance and Effectiveness, and of course your Shield giving you the largest bonus.

Additionally we build into high PrefixHealth Gained on Block from your Shield itself, Holy Aura's Mighty Shield 4/4, and Paladin's Shield Wall 1/1. We also include some powerful, but RNG/delayed health-on-block from Sentinel's Aegis of Renewal 5/5 and Paladin's Holy Symbol 6/6 respectively.

Smite is our second source of healing, triggering once every second while channeling Warpath, basically healing you to full Health. You health on block serves to reduce the effectiveness of smaller hits happening between these intervals.

Finally, Javelin's Battle Standard 1/1 adds additional healing every second from Banner of Restoration 5/5 drawn-out fights against tougher elite enemies and bosses.

That's it really. This build is designed to have everything trigger automatically while you spin through packs. Just remember to throw your Javelin every 12 seconds during a boss!



Stat Priorities



Like usual, early game you want to be prioritizing Resistances > Health > Move Speed, upgrading to higher armor bases as you progress.

Added SuffixHealth and Increased SuffixHealth affixes are top priority for Helm, Body, and Belt. While resists can be solved with affixes applied via forge to any other piece of gear.

Since you'll be using Hammer Throw to level through the campaign, I recommend two Silver Rings or Gold Rings with PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost. Once you can get both with that affix at T5 plus any resists you can afford to add, these rings should last you all the way to transitioning to Warpath.

SuffixAll Resistances While Channelling, SuffixAll Resistances, and SuffixElemental Resistance are also good stopgaps while levelling for obvious reasons.



Once you transition to Warpath, the real game begins. The first thing you want to do is reach 100% block chance. You achieve this by using a high block chance shield such as Ironglass Shield, with T5+ PrefixBlock Chance, and getting T5 SuffixBlock Chance and Effectiveness on both Rings and Gloves. PrefixHealth Gained on Block is also a requirement on your shield since it's the only piece of gear that can get it, so make sure that's in your loot filter. Another bump to block chance and health on block can be Solarum Banner, but only as a stopgap before transitioning to Solar Commandment. You also want a SuffixDamage Taken on Block on your shield for high-end content.


Scaling damage is pretty straightforward. PrefixFire Damage + PrefixSpell Damage or PrefixElemental Damage on a Crystal Wand will be your main source of scaling, and the wand itself will reduce Smite's cost to 0, allowing for infinite Warpath channeling. A good PrefixFire Penetration amulet will really help boost up the damage, and can remain even if you want to transition do a DoT variant of the build. PrefixFire Damage should be prioritized on all accessories. Two Ruby Rings are recommended.

Crit Avoidance

Getting SuffixChance to Blind on Hit on your Wand will keep you safe until you can cap out your crit avoidance.

Speaking of which, after you cap resists, work towards adding SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance (at least 30% total) on at least one piece of gear - most likely Boots. the rest should be covered by a high-rolled Grand Survival of Might from empowered Reign of Dragons.


Get Health on all gear that you can afford to without compromising resists. If possible, your Body, Helm, and Belt should have both Added SuffixHealth and Increased SuffixHealth suffixes. You want around


Resists are straightforward; get to at least 100% on all resists. The SuffixAll Resistances shield suffix will assist with this until you can cover everything with other gear since the suffixes you really want are SuffixDamage Taken on Block and SuffixHealth.

There are also some of double-resist implicit pieces such as Bone Amulet that are great choices.

Poison resist is one of the toughest things to solve for on any Sentinel, however the Carapace Shield can help you cheat it up to the cap of 75%, and is also a fairly high block-chance base.


The most important blessing is Grand Survival of Might from to help cap crit avoidance.

Grand Bones of Eternity is great to assist capping block chance and lighten the burden on your rings and gloves.

Grand Strength of the Mountain will add a ton of consistent life on hit and really boost survivability in monos.

Grand Breath of Cinders or Grand Flames of Calamity or both equally viable for increasing DPS.

The Black Sun
Ending the Storm
Reign of Dragons
The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death
Fall of the Empire
The Last Ruin

Build Variants


While levelling, I recommend using Hammer Throw with Hammer Vortex and Catapult 2/2 as it scales well with just two rings with PrefixThrowing Damage and Reduced Mana Cost. Get additional attack speed and mana cost reduction from the skill tree and you should be smooth sailing all the way up to Lagon.

Remember that you can get additional resistances from off-mastery subclass trees, such as Abyssal Endurance 10/10 from Void Knight, at least until you can get these resists on gear.

Once you have a good high block chance shield (you can cheat with Cradle of the Erased up to emp. monos), and a wand similar to Crystal Wand, you can transition to Warpath for Smite and Divine Bolt 1/1 triggers.


Endgame is where you focus on getting 100% chance to block, as much health on block as possible, and 100% crit avoidance. All of this is in more detail above in the Stat Priority section.

This build excels at grinding echoes, so when you do face bosses, be prepared for a bit of a slog. This is a cycle starter after all.

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.




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