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Spin to Win Void Knight Leveling Build Guide

Posted by MinMaxRPG on February 4, 2024
Last updated on February 6, 2024



Spin to Win is a popular playstyle in many ARPG titles. This build enables you to have 100% uptime on Warpath (Whirlwind). Warpath is excellent for mowing down enemies as you quickly travel through the campaign or endgame maps. However, for bosses and higher health enemies Erasing Strike provides large crits that visibly chunk the enemy health allowing for easier and faster kills. This build uses a combination of direct PrefixMelee Void Damage and PrefixDamage Over Time.

By taking advantage of leech and high armor this build has lots of survivability with great damage output. An excellent choice for new players or beginners who enjoy the spin to win playstyle.

There are no build defining, unique or set items required for this build which makes it great from level 1.

Pros & Cons


Warpath basically kills 99% of enemies

High armor and survivability

Good boss killer


Very passive build that largely involves holding 1 button down

Single damage type


Gameplay / Mechanics

Incredibly simple gameplay:

For the majority of times, you will hold down Warpath traveling around. You can use Lunge to quickly engage targets, debuff them and heal yourself. Sigils Of Hope can be cast preemptively for bosses but will activate on their own when clearing trash mobs. Anomaly provides multiple buffs to your character and debuffs the enemy, useful for higher health targets and bosses alike. Erasing Strike hits incredible hard and can be used to quickly take bosses down.

Be mindful you don't regenerate PrefixMana while channeling so you will need to occasionally stop using Warpath if you want to sustain other abilities. You can channel Warpath indefinitely and it can solo all enemies including bosses albeit slower.



Stat Priorities


Prioritize PrefixStrength where possible as it will increase damage dealt and armor. SuffixAll Resistances should reach 75 and is very attainable from the boosts provided through the passive tree. The resists on the planner don't need to be in the exact spots. Just work towards 75% resist for each type. PrefixMelee Void Damage and PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier are strong offensive stats for quicker boss kills. Take PrefixMovement Speed where possible. SuffixCritical Strike Avoidance and SuffixArmour will increase your survivability especially towards later stages.

You can dual-wield, sword and board or use a 2-hander with this build. A 2-hand version is shown but use your best combination.


Use idol slots to max your resistances as a priority.


The Black Sun


Ending the Storm


Reign of Dragons


The Age of Winter


Spirits of Fire


Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


This is a fantastic build to use from level 1. Like many melee builds it will be highly dependent on your weapon(s). You will notice your relative power spike as you get new improved weapons. There are times when boss kills are slow but very safe. This increases as more skills and talent points unlock. By the time you reach the more difficult bosses in the game you will likely have no issues with kililng them quickly.


This build will work into the early stages of corruption and an updated version will be made once it reaches as far as it can.




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