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Summon Spriggan Werebear Crit Druid Build Guide

Posted by PvtVlad on November 30, 2023
Last updated on February 6, 2024



Hello travelers,

Tired of playing solo but don't want to deal with real people? Is the woman of your dream virtual? This build is for you.

I present you the ultimate Summon Spriggan Cold Crit Druid.

The build is fun, active but not button intensive. It fit nicely into a party, especially with spellcasters.

You are running around as a Werebear, CCing all the enemies so your Spriggan can shine and do all the damage for you.


This build will never achieve really high corruption because Freeze and Stun are tied to the target Max Health. So Bosses are really hard to Freeze and Stun, which are our main Damage Multiplier. I reach 240 Corruption. Clear was fine but Boss fight were getting too long.

Pros & Cons


Fun and exotic

Lot of CC

Active but not button intensive

Good clear

Easy to set-up


Boss Damage is quite low

Boss fight require you to micro manage your Spriggan

Life Recovery is a little bit weak

Gameplay / Mechanics

Our main damage sources are:

  • Brutal Mire 4/4 for a whopping 17 times more damage if you are able to apply all 3 Crowd Control. This is why Boss damage is so low. With their massive Health Pool, they are very hard to Freeze and Stun. And all CC on them are reduced.
  • Vile Bramble 3/3 for More Damage against Frostbitten enemies
  • Blooming Magic 5/5 and Eternal Nature 10/10 provide your Summon Spriggan 80 Flat Spell Damage, really taking your damage through the roof.

The gameplay is pretty simple:

Maul cast Entangling Roots, summon Poisonous Vine and increase our Spriggan damage thanks to Wild Command 5/5.



Stat Priorities


I would not advise you to play this until you have Apogee of Frozen Light and Tears of the Forest.

Once you have those 2 the build is running.

Tears of the Forest gives you infinite Rage

Apogee of Frozen Light gives you +3 in your Summon Spriggan tree, More Cold Damage for your Spriggan and Freezes all the trash mobs.

Eterra's Path are a great addition. +1 To Entangling Roots, Health, Movement Speed are all very nice stats.


Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


I would not recommand leveling with this build.

You will have a better time until level 50 to run a Thorn Totem Spriggan Form build.


The goal now is would be to get

Loot Filter

No loot filter is provided for this guide. You can generate a loot filter for this build in the Build Planner or create one using Filter Wizard in the Loot Filters section.




  • Update Primalist Passive Tree, and made a minor change to Spriggan Form
  • Update Primalist Passive Tree, and made a minor change to Spriggan Form
  • Build guide was published


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