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Swipe Spirit Wolves Beastmaster Build Guide

Posted By EMP1241 on November 5, 2023
Last updated on November 14, 2023



Larry the Dog Walker and his pups just wanted to live a quiet life, the immortal empire had a different plan.

This build guide is to help people understand the build and its functionality. There's a good chance you could make your own variation using a similar setup.

Gameplay Style

Larry is an untraditional minion style of play. Although we do scale our minion's damage (Summon Wolf) somewhat, we also scale our own damage quite a bit with Swipe. We are heavily defensive in nature, with an obscene amount of attack speed that gives us significant leech. We are mostly relying on the damage from our own Swipe and Wild Calling 3/3. We mostly rely on getting close and personal with our Fury Leap which buffs our minion damage and our damage with Warrior's Entrance 5/5, which at the same time increases our Swipe and Wild Calling 3/3 damage. This along with numerous passives ensures we tear down anything in our path.

Defensively, we rely on raw HP, significant armor, damage reduction, and endurance. All in all, this fits the common bill of a tanky Primalist build. We obtain all of this from passive AND gear (Titan Heart, Plated Gauntlets, and Ochre Antler) Most of our gear is rolled with SuffixArmour, SuffixEndurance, SuffixEndurance Threshold, or SuffixHealth. All of these along with passives such as Boar Heart 5/5, Porcine Constitution 5/5, and Lamprey Teeth 4/6 will all add to this defensive layering. Adding SuffixIncreased Leech Rate, Grand Thirst of the Sun and adding the Grand Crash of the Waves helps you lock down the crowd or bosses as well, while making sure you're keeping your health topped up as well.

The simplified rotation of skills as well as automation keeps the build simple enough for a casual player, but chasing down LP to push deep into high corruption will satisfy those looking for a bigger build. However, as always, my builds never require LP to function, but the build can be improved if found.

Pros & Cons


Defensively scaled

High DPS

Face Tanking is possible (never a good habit though)

Interactive and engaging


A well-rolled Titan Femur can be a pain to hunt down/craft

Dealing with loss EHP from Resistances (explained in guide)

Higher Corruption will require T6/T7 gear. T5 extremely functional in 200-300 however.

Unique items are required

Gameplay / Mechanics

Mechanical Function

NOTE - We play with unscaled Warcry on the bar for generic crowd control.

We will require a Titan Heart, Artor's Legacy and The Fang to maximize minion AND self-damage. As well as the damage reduction.

Swipe is our primary damage in 2 different ways. One from the direct damage from Swipe, we also have SuffixChance to Slow on Hit on our Titan Femur, which adds significant damage with the Trapper 3/3 node. We also have SuffixIncreased Area for Melee Area Skills which adds significant area to our attacks. This ensures not only our Wild Calling 3/3 is hitting multiple enemies, but also having a chance to trigger our Viper Fangs 10/10 and our defensive trigger Boar Heart 5/5. We are required to manually trigger our Summon Wolf ( Howl). This will trigger a few things, for starters our Cry of the Lynx 8/8, which will also give us Serrated Claws 6/6 and Critical Bite 1/5. This along with the Frenzy you and your wolves get will turn you and them into a wrecking ball. Add this to our non-triggers passives that happen independently of Howl, like Ambush 1/8 (Aspect of the shark) that works with The Circle Of Life 5/5.

Our Summon Frenzy Totem is a big boost as well, this will also need to be triggered manually. Our Summon Frenzy Totem will add significant damage boost as well with Grounded 4/5, Reckless Frenzy 3/3, and Bestial Frenzy 5/5. You and your minion's crit chance is also put through the roof with Lead The Pack 5/5. Most of the time, all of these triggers are not required, however, they have such a low cool down, and the rotation is simple enough that it is always in use.

We finally add our last and automated skill of Fury Leap which adds base 15 physical damage to you AND the wolves with Warrior's Entrance 5/5. This will also heal, cleanse ailments, and put Frenzy on you and your minions with Wings of Endurance 2/3, Battle Bloom 1/1, and Frenzied Onslaught 1/1, respectively. Your wolves will always leap with you because of Pack Leader 1/1 as well, ensuring you never go into any fight alone. Our leap will also drop Upheaval Totems 1/1. This is for some bonus damage, and considering it's automated it is helpful to clear some trash. It may be considered to skip Upheaval altogether and scale Warcry instead to add extra direct damage, however, it was not find it necessary to do so. I found the trash clear better with the Upheaval Totems 1/1.

Defensive Mechanics

We have no fancy ward generators here. We are just straight brawling with most enemies. However, this doesn't mean you should not practice avoiding high-damage mechanics. Pushing deep into corruption will require you to avoid such obvious damage. Our damage reduction from Titan Heart and our passive tree, as well as our capped (or nearly) endurance, and very high armor (high 50s or low 60s % mitigation) should deal with most incoming damage. Whatever damage we take will be immediately soaked back up with our passive life steal and SuffixIncreased Leech Rate from gear and our Grand Thirst of the Sun. This life sustain mechanic happens almost immediately.

Basic Engagement

Fury Leap into the pack and immidiately place your Summon Frenzy Totem and pop your Howl (Summon Wolf). Begin to Swipe down the world and watch the dogs spirits Wild Calling 3/3 tear down layers of enemies infrot of you. Each dogs send out these spirits, which is why having 6 is imperitive for maximizing DPS. Your dogs should be able to self sustain with Lamprey Teeth 4/6 and Life in the Wilderness 1/8.

Difficult Engagement / Bossing

There is no major difference between this fight and a the listed above. The only major chance is avoid obvious high damage boss mechanics. While in lower corruption, it is possible to face tank many of these mechanics if geared properly, but this habit should not be practiced.



Stat Priorities


If you are SEVERELY lacking resistances, these can be replaced with the corresponding resistance. However, because of our other defensive mechanics, getting to 50-60% should suffice when we consider our EHP. This was extensively tested in the EHP calculator on Tunklab.


Grand Thirst of the Sun is mandatory.

Grand Crash of the Waves is optional to press the lockdown for bosses, however, can be replaced to ease resistance for Grand Bastion of Divinity.

Ending the Storm
Fall of the Outcasts


The Stolen Lance


Blood, Frost, and Death


Fall of the Empire


The Last Ruin


Build Variants


Leveling with Larry is possible, however, getting into 200+ corruption will require the unique items listed.


Farming double exalts would be the goal here. Don't forget to check the dungeon daily rewards to hunt down top tier gear found here. Your BIS LP for this for the Titan Heart would be SuffixHealth and PrefixStrength. For the Artor's Legacy would be the same with SuffixHealth and PrefixStrength. For the The Fang it would be PrefixPhysical Penetration, PrefixCritical Strike Multiplier, SuffixChance to Shred Armour on Hit or SuffixHealth (in that order). This would just be a stretch goal, and not required for the build to function.

Loot Filter

A good generic late game loot filter for double exalts and T7's can be found here. ONLY use this to filter out 99% of gear. Not recommended until you are mostly geared to the teeth.


I am live on twitch Tue-Sat 10PM-6AM central. If you have extensive questions, come in and ask. I will do my best to respond when I can here.



  • Weapon type was changed in order to better min/max damage output. Lossing Armor, however, buffs from passives mitigate this armor loss.
  • Build guide was published


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