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Undisputed Bleed Bladedancer Build Guide

Posted by fbel77 on May 3, 2024
Last updated on May 3, 2024



This build is flexible for the players who want to farm and do boss fights fairly fast. Very fun to play! I love DoT builds and being able to consume the damage makes it more viable.

On boss fights get as many bleed stacks as possible and then consume them at once with Mutilate! That's for high damage like 3m or more. For farming this build gives a great area damage over time allowing you to farm monoliths with ease!

It's a fast paced keep moving build, defense is quite poor, at least for now, so gotta keep moving and doing damage. Besides that I still manage to keep alive enough to farm and grow.

For the equipment the core items are Undisputed, Salt the Wound for bleed stacks, physical penetration and some life leech. Sword in off hand comes to combo with the passive Weapons of Choice giving more bleed chance.

The other items are for bleeding stacks damage and survival. These items are easy to get making this build accessible.

Easy to play build with and nice for boss fights, the affixes can highly improve damage.

I'm finding it to be very fun to play and hope you guys like it!

Pros & Cons


Ranged safe play build and not expensive

Flexible build can deal with bosses fairly fast and also clear monoliths with a nice area over time damage

Takes time to damage and Puncture sometimes dos not consume stacks, you have to hit 2 or 3 times

You can get as high as 5M damage with this build


Depends on dodge to stay safe, with the smoke bomb u are pretty much safe, without it accidents happen...

If you are out of mana you are useless... full damage consumes mana pool and takes time

Higher damages takes expensive equipment and Empowered farming

A lot of uniques (not early game build)

Gameplay / Mechanics

For farming monoliths keep moving and throwing Net + Umbral Blades. That will be it for most monoliths, on tougher enemies use the Puncture (Mutilate) for fast consuming of the stacks and stacking more bleed. This is the main combo here.

On bosses use the main combo Shift then throw Umbral Blades that makes 3 umbral blades (1 that the shadow will throw, another from you and another that the shadow will leave when it fades Umbral Remnant) dealing damage and stacking bleed. After that throw Net, it will throw Smoke Bomb Trickster Artist (caltrops), everything will be stacking Bleed, then keep throwing Net repeatedly until your mana runs out. By then you will have 999+ stacks of Bleed so use Puncture (Mutilate) to consume them.

The Smoke Bomb will keep you safe and making shadows which can throw more Net and Umbral Blades.

Smoke Bomb has 3 objectives: 1 - Survival giving you more dodge and Dusk Shroud stacks. 2 - stacking Bleed with Hidden Blows and Concealed in Carnage, also note that Smoke Bomb will be automatically used with Net all the time and that is optional, if you want to control when to use the Smoke Bomb just don't take the node Into the Shadows.

Umbral Blades will stack Bleed because of the high bleed on hit effect you have from the items and passives (something between 400% and 500% which means basically 4 or 5 bleed stacks per hit). Cut and Leave node also gives some Bleed stacks. And we have a lot of Dusk Shroud from passives + Smoke Bomb (Rapid Concealment) + Dawnfalll which gives Umbral Blades nodes some damage through Edge of Obscurity up to 100k per hit.

Note that Puncture from Spear Trap does not consume Bleed, it just stacks Bleed and also applies the Shred Armour from Splinter and Shatter.

Net is a 3 on 1 skill with the nodes Trickster Artist/ Spear Trap/Into the Shadows.

Shift is primarily for mobility (personally love this skill) and gives some Bleed stacks too Hypovolemia and physical penetration from Jagged Cuts.



Stat Priorities


Omnis will give you better survivability.

Font of the Erased Erased is a cheap item to farm your wished affixes, I strongly suggest getting dodge or armor as a priority, then some physical damage (gives damage to bleed and Umbral Blades). And if you want a cheaper ring get Jade Ring with the affixes you want from the bazar.

Red Ring of Atlaria is a all rounder that fits in here but very expensive, you can also have another Font of the Erased which is cheap and easy to farm.


Focus your idols on health armor and dodge.

If you want more damage physical damage/penetration/damage over time and bleed on hit.


Grand Hemmorage of Marrow is a must have for reaching 999 stacks. As for the other blessings look for more defense.

Ending the Storm
The Age of Winter
Spirits of Fire
Fall of the Outcasts
The Stolen Lance
Blood, Frost, and Death

Build Variants


This build is recomended for leveling from 80 - 100 cause that's when you will be able to equip most items and have the skill combos dealing enough damage.


Great for farming monolith and fairly fast bosses.

On monoliths keep throwing Net and moving with Shift. The caltrops will be left on the ground and on the target, net will immobilize them, found a tough one? Shift then Umbral Blades him, that's decent damage and bleed stacks enough for most enemies.

Focus on farming the reign of dragons echo first, it has a blessing we need, unique swords and axes (we use both), keep raising corruption and killing the boss until you get the blessing, then it's just farm the unique axe/swords.

For boss fights you will use the main combo explained in the gameplay, note that this build is not a tank, avoid the skills.

It has been tested and works on 123 corruption so far. As I test more I will provide updates.




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